Let New Orleans sink into the Ocean

Patrick Wright sits in the dirt lot where his house once stood and where Bush vowed to 'make it right' after Katrina.
HOME ALONE: Patrick Wright sits
in the dirt lot where his house
once stood
Photo: N. Y. Post/ Jim Alcorn

I have some advice: "You live in a 10 foot deep toilet bowl! Get the f*k out!" Rebuilding New Orleans exactly where it is now is the most idiotic thing our government can do. For God's sake, stop contributing Katrina relief money. This only encourages these people to move back into the same sinkhole nature graciously removed them from.

6 Mar 2006,

BILOXI, Miss. - Pat rick Wright remembers the day he met President Bush the way you might remember meeting your idol.

It was Sept. 2, 2005, and the president - hammered by complaints of inaction in the wake of Hurricane Katrina - touched down in Biloxi to take control, and pose for pictures.

With tears in his eyes on the steps of Patrick's boyhood home, the president made a vow. Five little words that Patrick will not soon forget:

"We will make it right."

Six months have gone by now. The steps on which the president sat have been smashed by a neighbor's bulldozer. Six months after the president promised to make it all right, it is still all wrong.

"I can't hardly see anything ahead," Patrick told me last week, as we sat on the empty grounds of his former home.

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One year and billions and billions of dollars later. Eneough Already! Quit your bitching and get your dumb ass to work rebuilding!

Jesus H Christ, I am so freaking sick of hearing the Mayor of Chocolate City (New Orleans) whining about the destruction left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

News Flash!!! New Orleans was not the only city affected by the hurricane. Other cities in other states also suffered major damage, but unlike New Orleans, they have gotten on with their lives and started rebuilding.

Why in the hell are we even sinking billions of tax dollars into a city that sits below sea level? Isn't that like building a house on a earthquake fault line? What part of stupid is escaping the mindset of the taxpaying public that we are being asked to finance this disaster?

Updated 29 Aug 2007: Some people have it right:

Texas Fred's,
Anger, Sadness Mark Katrina Anniversary

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - On the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, anger over the stalled rebuilding was palpable Wednesday throughout the city where the mourning for the dead and feeling of loss doesn’t seem to subside.
Some estimates I have read state that New Orleans needs a cash infusion in the $30-35 BILLION range just to have a fighting chance, and that’s just to protect against future hurricane damage and doesn’t address the fact that New Orleans is sinking into the swamp…

If the elderly, the infirm and physically ill need a helping hand to get OUT of New Orleans and are willing to leave that sink-hole, great, that’s money I am willing to spend, but to pour BILLIONS of our tax dollars into a place that’s disappearing anyway?? Not MY money, and if the residents of New Orleans are too stupid to see this for themselves, let them stay there, let them pay their own way in life, and let them sink into the mud WITH their beloved city…

Lan Nguyen from New Orleans, takes part in a candlelight vigil on the levee of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans Lan Nguyen from New Orleans, takes part in a candlelight vigil on the levee of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans Monday, Aug. 27, 2007. The event marked the upcoming second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/Ann Heisenfelt)

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