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Albert Einstein in a circle of other Nobel Prize Winners in 1928 (from the left Walther Nernst, Albert Einstein, Max Planck, Robert Andrews Millikan and Max von Laue).

I poked fun at the lack of Muslim patents and inventions in these articles:

If you google "Muslim/Islamic/Arab Nobel Prize Winners" you will invariably get quite a number of websites that erroneously list ten or eleven names. They are far too generous.


Here are the usual suspects that most blogs mistakenly count as Muslim or Arab Nobel Laureates:

1979 - Abdus Salam - Punjabi Ahmadiyya sect.

1957 - Albert Camus - neither Arab nor Muslim
1988 - Naguib Mahfouz - Egyptian Muslim
2006 - Orhan Pamuk - Turkish Muslim in name only

1978 - Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat
1994 - Yaser Arafat
2003 - Shirin Ebadi
2005 - Mohamed ElBaradei
2006 - Muhammad Yunus

1990 - Elias James Corey - neither Arab nor Muslim
1999 - Ahmed Zewail - Egyptian Arab, Muslim in Name Only
2015 - Aziz Sancar - a Turkish and American biochemist and molecular biologist. I'm not sure yet if he is Muslim or not.

1960 Peter Brian Medawar - neither Arab nor Muslim
1998 Ferid Murad - neither Arab nor Muslim

First off, I ignore the Nobel Peace Prize since one can be a village idiot and get one; Yasser Arafat is a perfect example.

Most of the Laureates mentioned are Neither Arab nor Muslim

  • Albert Camus, neither Arab nor Muslim, happened to have been born in Algeria which at that time was a French Colony; his father was French, his mother - Spanish. An accurate ethnic designation for Camus is pied noir.
  • Elias James Corey, neither Arab nor Muslim, was born and raised in America of Lebanese Christian Phoenicians. Many Christian Lebanese do not identify themselves as Arab but rather as descendants of the ancient Canaanites and prefer to be called Phoenicians.
  • Sir Peter Brian Medawar, neither Arab nor Muslim, was born in Brazil of a British mother and a Lebanese Christian father. Medawar was raised and educated in the UK and was in fact an atheist.
  • Ferid Murad, neither Arab nor Muslim, was born and raised in America of an Albanian Muslim father and an American Baptist mother. Murad was baptized Episcopalian in college, his wife is Presbyterian, and two of his daughters married Jews.

This leaves Naguib Mahfouz, Abdus Salam, Ahmed Zewail, Orhan Pamuk and Aziz Sancar. So four five Muslims won the Nobel Prize in Science and literature. Out of 1.2-1.5 billion Muslims.

It should be noted that Abdus Salam was born in British India, in what is now Pakistan, and although listed as Pakistani, was ethnically a Punjabi. Mahfouz and Zewail however are both Arab. That means that two Arabs won the Nobel Prize in Science and literature. Out of 300 million Arabs.

A further note on Professor Salam, he was educated at Punjab University, St. John's College, Cambridge and Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge where he obtained his Ph.D. in 1952. He then returned to Pakistan where he served as Professor at Government College, Lahore and Punjab University. It was here that he found intellectual pursuits being stifled. There was no postgraduate work of any value; there were no journals written; there were no scientific conferences. Given the choice between physics or Pakistan, he returned to Cambridge to take up the position of Lecturer. In 1957 he was appointed Full Professor of Theoretical Physics at Imperial College. Certainly if he stayed in Pakistan he would never have accomplished anything of note, nor would he ever have won a Nobel Prize.

Salam holds the distinction of being the first Pakistani Nobel Laureate, and is the first Muslim Nobel Laureate in science.

It should also be pointed out that of the four Muslims only Salam was devout. Mahfouz and Zewail were brought up in a secular environment. Zewail is Muslim in name only. Mahfouz in fact was stabbed by Muslims for his anti-Islamic mutterings.

Both Zawail and Salam did their research in non-Muslim countries and spent almost the entirety of their lives outside of Islamic countries. So much for "Muslim" Nobel Prize Winners. I doubt any of Zawail's colleagues ever think of him as Muslim.

Sadly, Abdus Salam, being an Ahmadiyya Muslim, is not considered a true Muslim by Pakistanis., Dr. Abdus Salam And The Nobel Prize

The National Assembly of Pakistan having legally declared the Qadianis a non-Muslim minority on Sept. 7, 1974, expelled them from the Muslim religion and entered their name in the list of non-Muslim inhabitants of the country. This legal decree is a mortal blow for them and has successfully killed their infectious germs from blossoming.

Interestingly, according to their religion, observant Muslims cannot ever accept money from the Nobel Prize since the award is actually pure interest earned on the original Nobel fortune. Islamic Law forbids either the paying or receiving of interest.

As to the Peace Prize, although I consider it irrelevant to intelligence, it is noteworthy that Shirin Ebadi's Peace Prize was awarded precisely for being anti-Islamic: promoting human rights and democracy in Iran.

But for those who persist in being technical as to how many Muslims won a Nobel Prize: OK, OK, Updated total: 9 (of which 5 [Peace] do not involve creativity at all) - if that makes you feel better (but it's really only four or three if you omit Abdus Salam).


JEWISH NOBEL WINNERS (Of at least 50% or more Jewish)

0.2% OF WORLD'S POPULATION (16-19 Million Jews)

Literature (14)

YearLaureateAward Country
1910Heyse, PaulGermany
1927Bergson, HenriFrance
1958Pasternak, BorisSoviet Union
1966Agnon, Yosef Shmuel (Israeli)Israel
1966Sachs, NellyGermany
1976Bellow, SaulUSA
1978Singer, Bashevis IsaacUSA
1981Canetti, EliasUK/Bulgaria
1987Brodsky, JosephUSA
1991Gordimer, NadineSouth Africa
2002Kertesz, ImreHungary
2004Jelinek, ElfriedeAustria
2005Pinter, HaroldUK
2014Modiano, PatrickFrance

Chemistry (36)

YearLaureateAward Country
1905Baeyer, Von AdolphGermany
1906Moissan, HenriFrance
1910Wallach, OttoGermany
1915Willstaetter, RichardGermany
1918Haber, FritzGermany
1943Hevesy, de Charles GeorgeHungary
1961Calvin, MelvinUSA
1962Perutz, Ferdinand MaxUK
1972Stein, Howard WilliamUSA
1972Anfinsen, Christian B.USA
1977Prigogine, IlyaBelgium
1979Brown, Charles HerbertUSA
1980Berg, PaulUSA
1980Gilbert, WalterUSA
1981Hoffmann, RoaldUSA
1982Klug, AaronUK
1985Hauptman, A. AlbertUSA
1985Karle, JeromeUSA
1986John Charles PolanyiCanada / Hungary
1989Altman, SidneyCanada/USA
1992Marcus, RudolphUSA
1994Olah, George A.Hungary/USA
1996Kroto, Sir HaroldUK
1998Kohn, WalterUSA
2000Heeger, Alan J.USA
2004Ciechanover, AaronIsrael
2004Hershko, AvramIsrael
2004Rose, IrwinUSA
2006Kornberg, Roger. D.USA
2008Chalfie, MartinUSA
2009Yonath, Ada E. (Israeli)Israel
2011Shechtman, DanIsrael
2012Lefkowitz, RobertUSA
2013Warshel, AriehIsrael
2013Levitt, MichaelUSA,UK, Israel
2013Karplus, MartinUSA, Austria

Economics (29)

YearLaureateAward Country
1970Samuelson, Anthony PaulUSA
1971Kuznets, SimonUSA
1972Arrow, Joseph KennethUSA
1973Leontief, WassilyUSA
1975Kantorovich, LeonidSoviet Union
1976Friedman, MiltonUSA
1978Simon, A. HerbertUSA
1980Klein, Robert LawrenceUSA
1985Modigliani, FrancoItaly
1987Solow, M. RobertUSA
1990Markowitz, HarryUSA
1990Miller, MertonUSA
1992Becker, GaryUSA
1993Fogel, RoberUSA
1994Selten, ReinhardGermany
1994Harsanyi, John C.USA
1997Merton, RobertUSA
1997Scholes, Myron S.USA/Canada
2001Stiglitz, Joseph E.USA
2001Akerlof, George A.USA
2002Kahneman, DanielUSA/Israel
2005Aumann, Robert J.USA/Israel
2007Hurwicz, LeonidUSA/Poland
2007Maskin, Eric S.USA
2007Myerson, Roger B.USA
2008Krugman, PaulUSA
2009Ostrom, ElinorUSA
2010Diamond, PeterUSA
2012Roth, AlvinUSA

Physiology or Medicine (56)

YearLaureateAward Country
1908Metchnikoff, ElieRussia
1908Ehrlich, PaulGermany
1914Barany, RobertAustria
1922Meyerhof, OttoGermany
1930Landsteiner, KarlAustria
1931Warburg, OttoGermany
1936Loewi, OttoAustria
1944Erlanger, JosephUSA
1944Gasser, Spencer HerbertUSA
1945Chain, Boris ErnstUK
1946Muller, Joseph HermannUSA
1947Cori, Gerty TheresaUSA
1950Reichstein, TadeusSwitzerland
1952Waksman, Abraham SelmanUSA
1953Krebs, HansUK
1953Lipmann, Fritz AlbertUSA
1958Lederberg, JoshuaUSA
1959Kornberg, ArthurUSA
1964Bloch, KonradUSA
1965Jacob, FrancoisFrance
1965Lwoff, AndreFrance
1967Wald, GeorgeUSA
1968Nirenberg, W. MarshallUSA
1969Luria, SalvadorUSA
1970Axelrod, JuliusUSA
1970Katz, Bernard SirUK
1972Edelman, Maurice GeraldUSA
1975Baltimore, DavidUSA
1975Temin, Martin HowardUSA
1976Blumberg, S. BaruchUSA
1977Yalow, Sussman RosalynUSA
1978Nathans, DanielUSA
1980Benacerraf, BarujUSA
1982Vane, Sir JohnUK
1984Milstein, CesarUK/Argentina
1985Brown, Stuart MichaelUSA
1985Goldstein, L. JosephUSA
1986Cohen, StanleyUSA
1986Levi-Montalcini, RitaUSA/Italy
1988Elion, GertrudeUSA
1989Varmus, HaroldUSA
1992Fischer, EdmondUSA/Switzerland
1994Rodbell, MartinUSA
1994Gilman, AlfredUSA
1997Prusiner, Stanley B.USA
1998Furchgott, Robert F.USA
2000Kandel, Eric R.USA
2000Greengard, PaulUSA
2002Brenner, SydneyUK
2002Horvitz, H. RobertUSA
2004Axel, RichardUSA
2006Fire, Andrew Z.USA
2011Beutler, BruceUSA
2011Steinman, RalphCanada
2013Rothman, James E.USA
2013Schekman, RandyUSA

Physics (51)

YearLaureateAward Country
1907Michelson, Abraham AlbertUSA
1908Lippmann, GabrielFrance
1921Einstein, AlbertGermany
1922Bohr, NielsDenmark
1925Franck, JamesGermany
1943Stern, OttoUSA
1944Rabi, Issac IsidorUSA
1945Pauli, WolfgangAustria
1952Bloch, FelixUSA
1954Born, MaxUK
1958Tamm, IgorSoviet Union
1958Frank, IlyaSoviet Union
1959Segre, EmilioItaly
1960Glaser, A. DonaldUSA
1961Hofstadter, RobertUSA
1962Landau, Davidovich LevSoviet Union
1963Wigner, Eugene P.USA
1965Feynman, Phillips RichardUSA
1965Schwinger, JulianUSA
1967Bethe, Hans A.USA
1969Gell-Mann, MurrayUSA
1971Gabor, DennisUK
1972Cooper, Leon N.USA
1973Josephson, David BrianUK
1975Mottleson, BenjaminDenmark
1976Richter, BurtonUSA
1978Penzias, Allan ArnoUSA
1979Weinberg, StephenUSA
1979Glashow, SheldonUSA
1981Schawlow, ArthurUSA
1987Müller, K. AlexanderSwitzerland
1988Lederman, LeonUSA
1988Schwartz, MelvinUSA
1988Steinberger, JackUSA
1990Friedman, JeromeUSA
1992Charpak, GeorgesFrance
1995Reines, FrederickUSA
1995Perl, MartinUSA
1996Osheroff, Douglas D.USA
1996Lee, David MUSA
1997Cohen-Tannoudji, ClaudeFrance
2000Alferov, Zhores I.Russia
2003Abrikosov, Alexei A.Russia/USA
2003Ginzburg, Vitaly L.Russia
2004Politzer, H. DavidUSA
2004Gross, David J.USA
2005Glauber, Roy J.USA
2011Riess, AdamUSA
2011Perlmutter, SaulUSA
2012Haroche, SergeFrance
2013Englert, FrançoisBelgium

Total 186 (I am not counting Peace Prize winners)

The following is for reference only, I do not count them as intellectual achievements:

Peace Prize
1911 - Alfred Fried
1911 - Tobias Michael Carel Asser
1968 - Rene Cassin
1973 - Henry Kissinger
1978 - Menachem Begin
1986 - Elie Wiesel
1994 - Shimon Peres
1994 - Yitzhak Rabin
1995 - Joseph Rotblat

(For a complete list of Jewish Nobel Prize Winners see this page of the Israel Science and Technology Website.)

No wonder Muslims hate Jews: It's so embarrassing to see what Jews have accomplished compared to a population 100 times larger. But in some respects one may wonder if indeed Jews control the world - it seems they control the Nobel Prize Awards Committee.

It would do Muslims well to start teaching their children important things other than how to blow themselves up. Please consider:

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence.
If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.


Despite the fact that they are so small in size, however, Israelis continue to be world leaders in innovation. The following is but one recent example:

Google buys search algorithm invented by Israeli student

Search engine giant Google recently acquired an advanced text search algorithm invented by Ori Alon, an Israeli student.

Orion, as it is called, which Alon developed with faculty, relates only to the most relevant textual results. In addition the software, which currently operates only in English, offers a list of topics directly related to the original source.

### End of my article ###

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