01:02:03 04/05/06 Happened twice before

666 .. the number of the beast
666 .. the number of the beast
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I get an email that tells me this "Won't ever happen again":

On Wednesday of this coming week, at two minutes and three seconds after 1:00 in the morning, the time and date will be 01:02:03 04/05/06

My immediate reaction was that all things happen again and again. In fact the first time this happened Jesus Christ was 6 years old. It was 01:02:03 04/05/06 (a Monday) and the child Jesus was tossing on his mat. For at that very moment a blind woman in Baghdad conceived of a child. 62 days later at 06:06:06 in the morning on 06/06/06 the child was born: The Anti-Christ, the one born with 666, the mark of the beast.

For those who wonder how 666 became the beast number, in Hebrew Satan is written with three letters. Each letter has a value; S=600, T=60, and N=6 (using English letters to represent the Hebrew ones). And thus 666 represented a bad omen since biblical times. I could tell you the number of God using Hebrew letters but I would then have to kill you.

Fast forward 1000 years. 01:02:03 04/05/06, the Antichrist looks up in the sky and prepares a candle for his 1,000th birthday coming up in 06/06/06. The birthday candle? The 1006 Supernova, the highest relative magnitude stellar event in recorded history. See wikipedia SN 1006


A few months later, at 06:06:06 06/06/06 the whole world has seen the Super Nova.

Some sources state that the star was bright enough to cast shadows; it was certainly seen during daylight hours for some time, and the modern day astronomer Frank Winkler has said that "in the spring of 1006, people could probably have read manuscripts at midnight by its light."

For those waiting for the rapture, you may begin praying on 01:02:03 04/05/06. This will give you two full moon cycles to get rapture ready for the 2,000th birthday of our Anti-Lord and destructor.

This post meanwhile gives me a chance to debunk a rapture email going around:

According to this story, an Arkansas woman is riding in the car with her husband in Arkansas City, Arkansas, when she sees two startling things: Jesus walking along the side of the road and 12 people floating into the air. She thinks it's the event described by Christians as "The Rapture" and suddenly exits the car via the sunroof and ends up being killed on the roadway. The incident causes a pile-up of 20 other cars who were trying to avoid her. Police find that the floating people were actually 12 sex balloons filled with helium that had been in the back of a truck being driven to a party by a man who has been told by friends that he looks a lot like Jesus.

According to truth or fiction this never happened. This fictional story was written by Elroy Willis who has a web page he calls "Religion in the News."

As for "Won't ever happen again", it actually occurs every 100 years. And Overseas, it'll happen in about a month in countries that use the format DD/MM/YY.


06/06/06: antichrist.net

"I'm afraid the making of World War III is actually taking place in front of our eyes." Prince Hassan of Jordan - March 26, 2004 nostradamusonline

Please note the movie Omen 666 (Fox) with Liev Schreiber opens 06/06/06

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