Another French Surrender - First Employment Contract

Arc de Triomphe

In my previous post I teased the French Government for finally showing some balls.

And just when I agreed with them for having grande cojones, they do this to me:

The French have announced that in conjunction of their most recent surrender the Arc de Triomphe is being renamed Arc de Bend Over and Grab Your Ankles.

For a thorough analysis of the politics of the situation read:

Brussels Journal, France Beyond Remedy: Sarkozy a Worthy Dauphin of Chirac

Villepin’s CPE would have enabled French employers to lower the cost of job creation by allowing them to hire first-time employees under the age of 26 for a conditional two-year period during which they could be fired without much hassle. Last August a similar bill was introduced allowing small companies, with fewer than 20 employees, to fire new employees during a trial period without the normal prohibitive procedures that make it impossible for companies to hire and fire in response to market demands. As a direct result of the new bill, these small companies were able to create 335,000 new jobs. France’s students, however, have made it clear that they would rather not have a job – and live at the expense of the state welfare system – than have a job which is not guaranteed to be virtually life-long.

So I am again reduced to making tasteless and insensitive jokes like:

Q How can you tell the difference between French soldiers and any other nation's?

A The French soldiers have sunburns on their armpits.

Why do they make me do this?

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