Islamophobia - unreasonable or completely justified?

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Islamophobia is a fear or prejudice towards Muslims and the religion of Islam. However, this fear or prejudice is completely and certainly justified.

The UK Minister Peter Hain's statement that Britain's Muslim community is "isolationist" was met with accusations of Islamophobia. Although all immigrant groups in the UK begin by gathering in like communities for support, they all eventually disperse into the greater society and become britons. Except for Muslims. Indeed the British were astounded to find out that all the London Bombers of 7/7 were British born - but obviously not British-bred.

When Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi stated that Western civilization is "superior" to Islam he was was similarly deemed Islamophobic. But haven't recent events only proven that Islam is still steeped in 7th Century barbarism? Or is this an image (photo left) of civilized behaviour?

In Germany, the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg openly discriminates against Muslim immigrants, making Muslims, and only Muslims, take a test of loyalty - answering questions about attitudes to Homosexuality, Dress sense, Domestic violence and religious issues. This has been referred to as Islamophobic and racist.

But this is necessary for this group and in fact should be similarly done in this country. When French Muslims try to burn half of Paris, when British-born Muslims bomb their own subways, when Spanish Muslims destroy their own railways, and NO OTHER GROUP or NATIONALITY does likewise, is it not only prudent but absolutely essential that we question Muslims on loyalty? As to domestic violence, does not their religion tolerate the murder of their wives or daughters if there has been a perceived ding against their Honor? Aren't most complaints of servant abuse against Muslim masters who have no respect or regard for women?

France has banned any Islamic dress that is overtly religious. Also the Dutch parliament has already voted in favor of a proposal to ban the burqa outside the home.

France and Holland have had immigrants for hundreds of years without losing their cultural identity. Hindus became French Hindus, Chinese became Dutch Chinese, and even Jews became German Jews. Nationalities and religions blended into their cultures, accepted them and did so without needing to forsake their natural identities. But not the Muslim.

All immigrant groups experienced initial rejection, alienation, unemployment, prejudice and even violence and moved past it to eventual acceptance and integration into the rest of society. But not the Muslim.

Muslim communities suffer higher levels of unemployment, poor housing, poor health, and levels of racially motivated violence than other communities. But that is because they come to the table with a chip on their shoulder. Islam has not created or produced anything of value in centuries. Their home countries are freedom-stifling dungeons of humanity. Then they come to the west. Their young men come to Universities and learn of the Jew Einstein and the Jew Freud and the Jews that developed the Atomic bomb, and the Jews who ran Hollywood and look inside themselves in shame.

Their native countries have stifled and subjugated them by using Islam to keep them ignorant and submissive. In fact submission is the highest virtue to a Muslim.

Since discovering zero, Muslims have brought nothing to modern civilization except whining about the Crusades. That was 800 years ago - get over it.

But enough of insulting Islam - let's look at something amusing.

The Islamophobia Awards is an annual event to acknowledge - through satire, revue and comedy - the worst Islamophobes of the year.

See pdf of the event here.

Annual Islamophobia Awards ceremony held at the Islamic Centre in London (2003)Annual Islamophobia Awards ceremony held at the Islamic Centre in London (2003)

"Centred around a gala dinner, the 'awards' themselves are both entertaining and raise awareness of a serious and growing prejudice. Real awards are given to those who have battled against Islamophobia - often against enormous odds."

Yes, the poor 1.5 billion Muslims have battled against enormous odds.

I have been asked to stop the hate. I didn't start it.

I ask Muslims not to come to a country that is so inimical to their way of life. I do not go to nudist colonies and stone them for not wearing clothes. I mind my own business. If Western Civilization is so corrupt and sinful why do you expose yourself to this shameful culture? Stay away.

Then I won't be so hateful.

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