Iran Newspaper Increases Reward to 25 grand for Holocaust Cartoon

Iran Cartoon Contest

Last Tuesday the Iranian Cartoon Contest ended (here are the participants from 60 countries). Some of the entrants drawings are on this page. The winners will be announced shortly and I'll list them here.

if you've forgotten what this was all about here is my post from last February.

Today's Zaman, 19 Feb 2006, Iran Newspaper Increases Reward for Holocaust Cartoon

Iranian Hemsehri newspaper, which arranged the Holocaust cartoon competition as a reaction to the cartoons that disturbed the Islamic world, increased its rewards.

While, Iran Cartoon House President Mesud Socavi answered question of journalists about the competition, he announced the first three winners, will get $25,000 and 12 others will be given "valuable prices.”

Socayi defending "the Holocaust competition prize is the biggest cartoon prize in the world”, noted the prizes will be given by various individuals and institutions.

Reporting the high participation in the competition, Socayi said the prizes will be increased. "Because of the competition, I have received death threats, but they only strengthen our determination to go on our way.”

Asked, "why don’t you draw cartoons of the other prophet’s?”, Socai said the other prophets are as holy as Prophet Mohammed and added "we do not do these kinds of things.”

Informing the web site was hacked, Socai said "This is a sign that the West does not believe in the freedom of speech.”

Socai said they are afraid of announcing some of the artist’s name and may compete anonymously. Hemsehri newspaper began the cartoon competition in return for the cartoons outraging the Islamic world, and had announced 12 winners would be rewarded with gold.

The number of people eligible to win a prize will be the same number as for the cartoons, which were published in Jyllands- Posten paper.

Meanwhile, the bounty on the cartoonists has also risen, see michelle malkin.

Iran Cartoon Contest

For a gallery of anti-holocaust cartoons click here.

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A Tic In The Mind's Eye: Fighting Cartoons With More Cartoons: Excerpt:

A new tactic has emerged in the angry debate over cartoons depicting religious figures, as an Israeli artist launches a contest for the best anti-Semitic cartoon -- drawn by a Jew. Amitai Sandy says the Israeli Anti-Semitic Cartoons Contest is a response to an Iranian newspaper's competition for cartoons on the Holocaust.

The Scratching Post: The Danish Cartoons are Stalingrad: Excerpt:

Defense of the Danish cartoons is becoming the equivalent of Stalingrad for the cause of defeating Islamofascism. It’s a seductive, but totally worthless goal that’s devouring resources and sowing the seeds of future problems.

Iran Cartoon Contest irsoheil-setayesh

Kim Priestap, Bounties on Cartoonists' Heads

We have more attempts at Dhimmitude. The Danish cartoonists who drew the harmless drawings of Muhammad have gone into hiding after the riots broke out.

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