Mothers expect Damien on 06/06/06

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Mark Of the Beast

FOR one group of expectant mothers, their due date holds an extra dimension of dread. The prospect of giving birth on June 6, 2006 (06/06/06), has prompted talk of spawning devil children on Armageddon day. One woman even admitted that she intended on calling her baby Damien, after the satanic boy in The Omen. (1)

I think naming your child Damien if he's born on 06/06/06 is almost as bad as naming your child Adolph - if your last name happens to be Hitler.

And if you think that what your name is doesn't matter much in life, think about this: In 1876, the man who was to become his father changed his name from Alois Schicklgruber to Alois Hitler. Adolf can be believed when he said that nothing his father had done had pleased him so much as to drop the coarsely rustic name of Schicklgruber. Certainly, 'Heil Schicklgruber' would have sounded an unlikely salutation to a national hero".

Indeed,'Heil Schicklgruber' inspires neither fear nor respect but rather amusement. History might well have been completely different on the turn of that name.

Adolph Hitler not only ruined Adolph as a name but his surname as well. In the entire United States white pages there are about ten listings for anyone named Hitler. I suspect these are people who purposely changed their last name to escape being asked for donations by the United Jewish Charities.

"Allo, zis is Peter Hitler zpeaking, vot can I do fur you?" Click...

But back to 06/06/06 and the number of the beast. This will be an opportune time for certain groups such as Demon Hunter and Demons & Wizards to promote themselves even wider.

As I mentioned in my previous post, 01:02:03 04/05/06 Happened twice before, Hollywood is taking advantage of this sextupled omen to make some evil profits: the movie Omen 666 (20th Century Fox) with Liev Schreiber opens 06/06/06.

And while the Christian faithful will spend a National Day of Prayer, fans of Slayer, a Satanic metal band from California, will spend it as a National Day of Slayer. (2)

Even book publishers are joining the action:

Amazon Books, Godless: The Church of Liberalism

From Crown Forum, a US publishing giant, on the release of Ann Coulter's new book: Godless is the most explosive book yet from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ann Coulter. In this completely original and thoroughly controversial work, Coulter writes, "Liberals love to boast that they are not ‘religious,’ which is what one would expect to hear from the state-sanctioned religion. Of course liberalism is a religion. It has its own cosmology, its own miracles, its own beliefs in the supernatural, its own churches, its own high priests, its own saints, its own total worldview, and its own explanation of the existence of the universe. In other words, liberalism contains all the attributes of what is generally known as ‘religion.’ ”

Godless throws open the doors of the "Church of Liberalism.”

On Sale 6/06/06. Pre-order it now!

I expect the blogosphere to explode with raptureblogs and end-of-days predictions.

This will be a day of rejoicing both for worshippers of Satan and for the Christian faithful. Born-again Christians will float away in rapture into the arms of God leaving the evil ones behind to face judgment day. Satan worshippers will enjoy themselves without the disapprobation of nosey-bodies.

Those who follow the 'rapture index' will note that today it stands at 154. The highest ever was 182 on September 24th, two weeks after 9/11.

www=666 end of days antichristThose that like to format omens by manipulation have conjured up the following: the Antichrist is already here: George (six letters) Walker (six letters) Bush Jr (six letters). Certainly Muslims have given to calling GWB the head of the Great Satan! Since we know that everything Muslims say is really the opposite, e.g., Islam is the religion of Peace, Islam is the religion of tolerance, etc. then we can assume that GWB, together with a heavy metal band launching their tour on that day, will really be the Satan-slayer.



Timeonline, Mothers expect Damien on 6/6/06

A British self-help group that usually exchanges routine tips on parenting has turned its attention to the dangers of a date marked by the satanic symbol.


The approach of the sixth day of the sixth month of a new century’s sixth year has prompted animated discussion among women participating in the website of Mother & Baby, a British parenting magazine.

One pregnant woman, Francesca Renouf, said she had been so worried that she had booked a doctor’s appointment to ensure that she would avoid giving birth on the sixth.

Others appeared to take the dangers less seriously. One woman, Emma Parker, wrote that she intends to call her baby Damien, after the satanic boy in The Omen. Another, Donna Magnante, said she would name her baby after Regan in The Exorcist.


Livedaily, Slayer's 'Unholy Alliance' tour grows

slayer band 666 satanic metalHeavy Metal veterans Slayer, who are currently in the studio working on a new album, have added more dates to their upcoming "The Unholy Alliance" [subtitled Preaching to the Perverted] tour.


The seven-week trek... is scheduled to launch June 6 (6/6/06) in San Diego.

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