Sexual harassment affects most college students

We have reached the point of sublime insanity in regard to what we define as sexual harassment. My title is a lie. Saying hello to the opposite sex can be sexual harassment if the greetee isn't attracted to the greeter. Telling jokes that are simply rude can be sexual harassment if the listener doesn't find the joke amusing. We are quickly descending into hell without the comfort of a hand-basket to cushion the fall.

We have so redefined sexual harassment that any behavior between the opposites sexes can be considered sexual harassment. But let's remember why we we started the whole thing: to discourage the unwanted imposition of sexual requirements in the context of a relationship of unequal power. That means if an employee doesn't mind exchanging oral sex for an increase in pay, it's not sexual harassment. That means if a student doesn't mind exchanging oral sex for an increase in grade, it's not sexual harassment. That means if someone tells a sexy joke and there is no requirement of quid pro quo, it's not sexual harassment. It may not make for a pleasant work environment and perhaps some other term should be used but it's not sexual harassment.

Telling a joke is not like copping a feel. But now we read the following nonsense:


NEARLY two-thirds of college students in the United States are affected by sexual harassment - ranging from offensive jokes and gestures to touching and grabbing, according to a study recently released.

According to a Reuters report, men are more likely to harass than women, but women and men are equally likely to be harassed on US campuses, according to a report by the American Association of University Women.

Researchers found that 62% of college students experienced sexual harassment, and 32% of college students said they were victims of physical harassment.

cartwheelsWe have become a nation of over-sensitive, politically correct, namby-pamby wimps and whiners.

Oregon Schools have Banned Hugging, An 11 year old girl was suspended for doing cartwheels and handstands during lunch/recess. The school claims they are too 'dangerous'.

When I went to grammar school [1950 - 1959 yes 10 years] kids were allowed to draw boobs or stick figures with penises on the blackboard. It is what children do. Now it will lead to suspensions if not expulsions and psychotherapy sessions.

Consider the over-reaction by authorities when a 13 year old boy was charged with assault after giving a girl a hickey (1) in school. I never gave a girl a hickey, but assault? This is insane. Kids can't play dodge ball or run in the schoolyards or use scissors in art class. They are growing up in straight-jackets and under so many restrictions that it's not surprising that they go nuts and gun everyone down.

And is there anything more absurd than it being illegal for a female teacher to have sex with a high school student? I know we like parity among the sexes but this is certainly nuts. Let me say here that if I am ever on a jury and this woman is up on charges of cleaning the pipe of some 14 year old, I would not convict. Where were these women when I went to Bayonne High? Is there no God?

Debra Lafave  sex with a minor Serves no Jail time.
Debra Lafave sex with a minor
Serves no Jail time.
Nunneries and monasteries produce wackos and that is what our schools are becoming. Brushing up against someone is NOT sexual harassment. Touching someone on the arm or shoulder is NOT sexual harassment. Winking is NOT sexual harassment. Flirting is NOT sexual harassment. Writing "Mary does it for free 555-1717" on a bathroom wall is NOT sexual harassment. Telling off-color jokes is NOT sexual harassment. Spin the bottle is NOT sexual harassment.

But I bet that 90% of those saying they were sexually harassed meant precisely these harmless activities. Sexual harassment is sticking your finger into someone's private parts against their will and only that.

It is no wonder that tens of millions of us have to go to online dating to meet anyone; everyone else we ever went to school with could not hug us, flirt with us, kiss us, or even express an interest in us.

Let children be children. If we are not careful, I have no doubt that 6 year-olds playing doctor will someday result in a 20 year sentence for all involved.



Star Telegram, Apology to end assault charge in hickey case

A 13-year-old boy charged with assault on suspicion of giving a female classmate a hickey is one public apology away from getting the case dismissed.

The boy's mother, Patricia Singh, called the girl's father, Steven Marcuse, during the weekend to see whether the two families could reach an agreement to settle the matter. The assault by contact citation would come with a fine of almost $300 if the Richland Hills boy were convicted in municipal court.

Both families agreed the punishment was too harsh. Marcuse said if the boy wrote an apology and apologized to his daughter in front of their second-period class that he would drop the charges.

"Children need to be taught," Marcuse said. "They don't need to be issued a citation and made a criminal and dragged through court."

The boy is accused of giving the girl a hickey in a Richland Middle School hallway in September. The girl said in a written statement that the boy's advances were unwanted. The boy said he did not force himself on the girl.

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