Top Ten Topless Beaches 2006

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First let's get the naked girls out of the way. Click on any of the photos for a NSFW gallery.

That Forbes published a list of the Top Topless Beaches shows that Capitalism isn't the only tool Forbes is interested in polishing.

Here are the top 10 Topless Beaches according to Forbes:

St. Barts, French West Indies
Anse du Gouverneur

All the beaches on the French-owned island of St. Barts allow topless sunbathing. But Anse du Gouverneur has nice scenery even before the beach, which is arrived at via a winding mountain road.

Photo: AP Black's beach topless

San Diego, Calif.
Black's Beach

Known for its high cliffs, Black's Beach is one of the most popular in San Diego for surfing and parasailing. A lower-risk activity on the beach is topless sunning and swimming, with people lounging on the rocks. Black's is owned by the state of California, so any clothes-free activity is illegal in certain areas--check before disrobing.

Formentera Spain
Illetes Formentera

Formentera, a tiny Balearic island just below Ibiza, shares the temperate climate and sensuous beaches of its neighbors Ibiza, Menorca and Mallorca. But it's smaller and best navigated by bicycle, which works to deter hordes of summertime party-goers and render the beaches safe for families and intimate groups of friends.

St. Tropez, France
La Voile Rouge

Technically speaking, St. Tropez is a little port town on the French Riviera. But it rose to international prominence in the 1950s with the arrival of artists and writers, including Pablo Picasso and Jacques Prevért, who were drawn to the laid-back charm and seductive weather of St. Tropez in the summer.

Ibiza, Spain
Las Salinas

Las Salinas in Ibiza is framed with pine trees and located at Ibiza's southern-most point. The beach is the center of the action for the party-seeking crowd that takes over the island every summer

Photo: © AP copacaban topless beach

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Copacabana Beach

Copacabana Beach is a three-mile-long stretch of sand, framed by Sugarloaf Mountain on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

Rio de Janeiro has Carnival, Copacabana and teensy bikinis. Seems most of the city is romping in the ocean, sun bathing, or playing volley ball. If you are my age you are familiar with Ipanema beach made famous by the song, but Forbes recommends you go girl watching on Copacabana Beach.

Sydney, Australia
Manly Beach

There are nearly 200 beaches in the greater Sydney area, and with summer weather making an appearance in early November, there's plenty of time to explore during the North American winter. Manly Beach, accessible via ferry from Sydney, has all the trimmings that make a day at the beach comfortable: water-sports facilities (especially surfing), homey restaurants and places to buy postcards, sun screen and ice cream.

St. Tropez, France
Nikki Beach

Along with La Voile Rouge, Nikki Beach is one of St. Tropez's most stylish and outrageous beaches. The sand is as packed with body guards as it is with tan bodies, and music blasts from nearby cafés, where prices are geared toward the rich

Mykonos, Greece
Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach in Mykonos is the place to be at the height of the summer in Greece, but don't bother if all-night beach parties aren't your thing. The beach's many bars and tavernas keep everyone occupied by night, when dance parties take over the beach, and sunrise just means it's time to pick a spot for your towel for the next day

St. Tropez, France
Plage de Pampelonne

Plage de Pampelonne, with its clear water and uninhibited bathers, is the center of the St. Tropez beach scene, and Hotel Byblos is the place to stay while there. Built in the style of a Mediterranean mansion, the hotel opens on April 12 this year

Forte Dei Marmi, Italy
Santa Maria

Forty miles outside of Florence, Forte dei Marmi is a prime resort on the Italian Riviera. A favorite among the wealthy Tuscans who own pine-screened villas here, as well as of visiting Europeans and Americans, Forte dei Marmi is famous for its weekly market, where shoppers can score fabulously discounted designer shoes, beachwear, crockery and almost anything else you can think of.

Photo: © South African Tourism topless beach

Cape Town, South Africa
Clifton Beach

Clifton Beach, Camps Bay and Llandudno Beach are among the most popular in Cape Town, but if you're planning on going topless, we recommend Clifton. That's because the beach consists of four sheltered coves, which protect sunbathers from chilly summer winds.

Miami, Fla.
South Beach

If you hate tan lines but love the U.S., you're probably heading for South Beach, Miami on your next beach holiday. The young, tan crowd is as good-looking as the beach, and trendy hotels are as easy to find as 80-degree temperatures

Here are my honorable mentions:

Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia

Plage de Tahiti, Saint Tropez, France

Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Playa El Agua, Margarita Island, Venezuela

I wonder what the bottom 10 Topless Beaches look like (is that an oxymoron?)?

In Canada, of course, toplessness or topfreedom is legal, so every beach in the country is topless, if you like.

Unfortunately in the US we have the fewest topless beaches of any civilized nation; we have never outgrown our Puritan baggage. The sad fact is that on many beaches in the U.S. going topless is not only frowned upon, it's against the law. In 1968 my brother and I were lying on the sand at the beach in Nice, France Photo credit topless beach nice france when two girls put their blanket only a few feet away from us and proceeded to change right in front of us. Although the beach was not bottomless, they saw nothing wrong in flashing us briefly until they put the bottom bikini on. This from Catholic girls!

For a tour of bikini beaches throughout the world (and a thorough history of taking it off as well) visit Bikini Science.

If you feel the urge to go on a completely naked vacation slide over to the American Association for Nude Recreation. I actually stop by there even if I'm not going anywhere.

For my female readers, if you have topless photos of yourself you can submit them to me, see my contact info at the sidebar.

A few reminders for Americans finding themselves for the first time on a naked beach:

Don't gawk or point at breasts and yell out "man, look at those bazooms!" If you must take photos get permission first but don’t go overboard.

Not all nude beaches are the same. Some are for families only or for couples or singles and some are for gays only. Find out where you belong before you shine your butt in public. And make sure to cover that shine with lots of sun block.

If you are in an out of the way spot, leave your bathing suit on a rock or blanket to let others know they are coming up on an unclothed person. On a wide open beach, place yourself so that you can see people coming and put something on before they get there if you need to.

Get dressed before you leave a nudist beach.

Be friendly, but respect others' rights to privacy.

Don’t be offensive and have sex on the beach unless it’s the drink with that name. In almost all places that will get you arrested. That also means unwelcome advances are not acceptable.

Be Prepared. Many nudist beaches don't have amenities. Bring water, food, towels, sunscreen and anything else you need.

Keep the beach clean. If you carried it in, carry it out.

Metacafe, Topless On The Beach

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