ABC hides news of Black Muslims involved in Terror

Un militant des Black Muslims vend à New York une édition du Muhammad Speaks, l'hebdomadaire de la célèbre organisation musulmane noire-américaine. Né peu après la Première Guerre mondiale, le mouvement des Black Muslims a pris la tête dans les années 1960 de l’activisme noir pour la défense des droits civiques des Noirs américains
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Here we have the opposite of fake but accurate: True but inaccurate:

Federal Agents Raid Suspected Terror Cell in Miami

June 22, 2006 — Federal agents, including the FBI, launched a series of raids tonight targeting a suspected terror cell based in Miami, and federal law enforcement officials said seven people have been arrested over the past two days.

Among those arrested, five were U.S. citizens, one was a permanent legal resident, and one was a Haitian who was in the United States illegally on a visa overstay, federal officials told ABC News.

Yes, five were US citizens; but if all you read was the above would you be thinking that perhaps the terror group was a Haitian Liberation Party? Or perhaps some anti-Castro cell? After all, this is Miami.

No. The missing magic words are Black Muslims. The five "Americans" are BLACK MUSLIMS. I repeat: Black Muslims. Men of African-American origin and of the religion of ISLAM.

Here's a pdf of the indictment.

Assorted Babble by Suzie tells us that Liberty City is a bad area; this is a map where the warehouse is located.

Miami Terrorists, Terrorists Arrested Miami, FBI Raid, Miami, Chicago Sears Tower, Homeland Security, Terrorists Indicted, Terror PlotsSo now when you walk in the streets you will know what our enemy looks like.

As I noted in my previous post Black Muslims a greater threat than al-Qaeda. Arabs are not the problem because not all Arabs are Muslims. And certainly Blacks are not a problem because not all Blacks are Muslims. But at least we keep an eye out for Arab Muslims. As Americans we ignore the threat of Black Muslims because of political correctness [as seen by this white-washing by ABC] and some mistaken notion that because they are Americans born and bred in our country, that they somehow will be loyal to us. Nothing could be further from the truth.

See also my previous post Can Muslims be Good Americans? No.

For the same reasons that the poorest, most ignorant and backward of citizens in Islamic countries are the prime candidates for Jihad, for those very same reasons Black Americans that get sucked into Islam are also those most likely to bomb the crap out of us. They didn't like white devil America before but now they have a religious excuse to do so. What was a criminal act before is now blessed by Allah.

I think it is time to put a moratorium on mosques being built in this country. This has nothing to do with freedom of religion, after all, Al Qaeda is a religious group and we find nothing offensive in arresting their members on sight. As for the Black Muslims in our prisons, I believe we should detain them beyond their allotted release dates until the War on Terror is over.

Some will bleat, but Bernie, these are just isolated occurrences only happening in Toronto, Canada; Dewsbury, England; Glasgow and Edinburgh, Scotland; Atlanta, Georgia; Sydney, Australia; Flushing Queens and perhaps a few hundred other places. It's not like it's happening all over the non-Muslim world.

By the way, please link here any stories where Black Muslim leaders or groups or the Nation of Islam condemn the actions of those in Miami.

(crickets chirping)

CAIR has issued a statement but is more concerned about its own safety than condemning what the plotters were planning:

CAIR National Board Chairman Parvez Ahmed said: "The American Muslim community is extremely concerned about these disturbing reports. We stand with local and national law enforcement authorities in seeking to keep our nation safe and secure."

Ahmed added that CAIR is urging police departments nationwide to step up patrols near mosques and other Islamic Institutions to help prevent any possible backlash resulting from these arrests.

Woman Honor Thyself in Counsel on Izzlamic DeniaL responds to CAIR's request that the media "stop calling these individuals Mus-lims" by asking why we can't simply call a spade a spade. [and she doesn't mean the racial epithet]

cut and runHere's an interesting take from a liberal loony at Reuters Arrested Miami men planned 'war' against U.S., Excerpt:

It was unclear what impact if any the arrests might have on public opinion ahead of mid-term congressional elections in November, and amid a deep slump in President George W. Bush's popularity and in public support for the Iraq war.

Others bloggers who see the hypocrisy of the MSM:

Michelle Malkin - JIHAD IN MIAMI - has a roundup of other Black Muslim Jihadists.

the Gates of Vienna - Down the Memory Hole, Excerpt: When LGF reported that, according to ABC News, "African-Americans” were among the terrorists arrested in today’s Miami bust, it made alarm bells ring for me. Could these be Jamaat ul-Fuqra operatives?I followed Charles’ link to the ABC story, but there was no mention of "African Americans” in it. Strange — LGF had the quote. So I went to Google News and looked at story after story — Reuters, AP, whatever — no mention.

Hot Air has a video of the Fox "jihad” report.

Michelle Malkin - "KILL ALL THE DEVILS WE CAN", Excerpt:

That was the goal of the suspected Miami jihadists.
Same goal as all jihadists--"wannabe," freelance, or otherwise.
Indictment and updates posted at HA.

There are still some in our MSM that think the United States is no better than Al Qaeda: See Mike Luckovich Cartoon. Yeah, right. Sure we torture, mutilate, pull out the hearts, castrate, burn, and stuff testicles into the mouths of our enemies. It is Al Qaeda that puts panties on our soldiers heads and plays music all night long and drops the bible with disrespect on the ground. How can anyone stand that kind of torture? Oh MY!

Meanwhile Gateway Pundit tells us that Russia is Negotiating with Terrorists who Slaughtered US Soldiers, Excerpt:

Are you ready for the barbaric slaughter of more US soldiers?...After another botched translation by CNN from Iraq, about the deaths of 4 Russian terror hostages in Iraq, Russia confessed that the 4 hostages held by the Mujahedeen Shura Council are still alive.

Of course, this is not the first time that ABC NEWS has shown its bias. Many of us recall the shameful way that ABC "balanced" its coverage of the Bush Inauguration back on January 20 2005 with the funeral of a soldier who died in Iraq. (1)

Also Newsmax - ABC's Pro-Iraq Bias Exposed

Frontpagemag - The ABC's of Media Bias, Excerpt:

IS THE ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA BIASED against conservatives? Dan Rather remains in the anchor chair at the CBS Evening News despite his involvement in recent news stories based on dishonest reporting, fabricated documents and even Internet gossip falsely alleging that President George W. Bush secretly intends to begin the military conscription of students. These stories were obviously designed to damage Mr. Bush in the final weeks before a national election.

It's not just ABC NEWS of course, it's the NEW YORK TIMES and the rest of the biased, cowardly MSM as we recall when they refused to reprint the Mohammed Cartoons out of "respect" for Muslims.



Captain's Quarters, ABC News: Too Lazy To Hide The Bias

Hindrocket at Power Line found a new ABC initiative to bring balance to its news broadcasts, or at least those they intend to provide on Inauguration Day tomorrow. Obviously, the Halperin Memo is still in effect even past Election Day:

For a possible Inauguration Day story on ABC News, we are trying to find out if there any military funerals for Iraq war casualties scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 20.

If you know of a funeral and whether the family might be willing to talk to ABC News, please fill out the form below[.]

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