Why there are only 72 Muslim Virgins in Heaven

Dr. Emmanuelle Piet

First, look at the Muslim Virgin Video: Download (right Click - Save Target as...) - This video should be viewed by all 14 year olds on myspace before they run off to meet some Muslim man somewhere in the real world.

Then the absurd news: Dr. Emmanuelle Piet, who has been issuing five to six virginity certificates a year for three decades, poses at her home in Bondy, east of Paris.

So now you ask, "What the hell are virginity certificates and who needs them?"

Now the explanation:

USA Today,
Young Muslim women in Europe go to extremes to be virgins — again

SAINT-DENIS, France (AP) — Chastity can exact a painful price from young Muslim women, forced into lies or surgery to go to the marriage bed as virgins.

Hymen repair, fake virginity certificates and other deceptions, said to be commonplace in some Muslim countries, are practiced in France and elsewhere in Europe, where Muslim girls are more emancipated but still live under rigid codes of family honor.

Such ploys have saved many a young woman from scorn and worse. But they also clash with the more liberal social mores of France and Europe, where some decry it as an attack on human rights. ... doctors issue false virginity certificates or offer such tricks as spilling a vial of blood on the sheets to fool families into believing the bride has passed their purity bar.

Through the ages, virginity has been prized across religions and cultures, and doctors note that only a few generations back European brides also had to furnish documentary "proof" of chastity.

In today's France, with an estimated 5 million Muslims — the largest such population in western Europe — it's part of the larger question of how to deal with cultural clashes ranging from head scarves in schools to sexual segregation in swimming pools.

A 2005 government report addressing culture clashes in hospitals, and issued a year after Muslim head scarves were banned from classrooms, briefly mentions the virginity issue, asking doctors to refuse to issue false certificates.

Isabelle Levy, author of Religion in the Hospital, decries both certificates and hymen repair, saying deception "increases the moral suffering."

Yes, I agree, the prospective bride should confess to her family and future husband that she is not an "adre", a virgin, one of the delights of paradise. I am sure that her father and future husband will understand. After all, modern Muslim men no longer engage that much in honor killings as the United Nations Population Fund estimates that the annual worldwide total of honor killing victims are only 5,000 women or so.

An undated handout photo released by Danish police shows the 19-year-old Ghazala Khan, what was gunned down by her older brother two days after her wedding because her Pakistani family disapproved of her choice of husband. A court in Denmark was expected Wednesday June 28, 2006 to sentence nine people convicted of murder or accessory to murder in the killing
Photo Credit: AP Photo/POLFOTO,
handout by Danish police
An undated handout photo released by Danish police shows the 19-year-old Ghazala Khan, who was gunned down by her older brother two days after her wedding because her Pakistani family disapproved of her choice of husband. A court in Denmark was expected 28 Jun 2006 to sentence nine people convicted of murder or accessory to murder in the killing.

Recent headlines have needlessly frightened future Islamic brides:

Gates of Vienna,
No Slap on the Wrist

I reported yesterday on the Danish trial conviction of nine family members and friends for the "honor killing” of Ghazala Khan last September. There was some apprehension that the perpetrators would receive light sentences as sop to political correctness, but that does not seem to be the case.

According to a translation made by commenter Rune:
No reduced sentence

Eight of the nine will receive a minimum of five years prison time for the "honour” killing on Ghazala Khan. One may possibly receive a lesser sentence.

These nine Pakistanis living in Denmark killed an 18-year-old woman who married without the consent of her parents. Ghazala Khan was shot dead by her brother with two bullets in the heart in September 2005 just outside the train station of Slagelse, west of Copenhagen.

just a few weeks ago another another killing:

Pakistan Times,
Pakistani girl dies one month after 'honor' attack

May 23, 2006

KARACHI, Pakistan -- A 14-year-old girl who was allegedly shot by her cousins in southern Pakistan on suspicion of having an affair with another man has died in hospital a month afterwards, police said on Tuesday.

Noor Jehan was blasted five times in the arm, legs and stomach and dumped near a private hospital in Karachi's central district last month, police official Mohammad Akbar said.

the real Islam - the most intolerant and violent religion
Photo Credit: IslamReview
Blogs reporting similar stories:

abu al-fin,
Honour Killing in Denmark--Murderers Receive Justice Finally

Islam is mainly a religion of impoverished peoples from harsh tribal traditions. Women are often beaten by husbands routinely, and daughters and wives can be murdered at will for being seen in the proximity of a male stranger. In muslim countries, men have become accustomed to murdering women, and not receiving meaningful punishment for the crime.

BBC - Devout Muslim Father jailed for daughter's murder

Some of my previous posts: Islamic Hierarchy: Men are from Mars - period. and Honor Killings in Islam - When you have nothing else in your life.

Of course, I could go on for 4,996 more examples just for 2005. But there are still idiots in Europe, Islam appeasers, who obviously missed these articles and are giving poor Muslim girls advice to fess up to their families that they are no longer virgins!

These idiot jihadists are not greeted with 72 virgins. They are greeted by the same 72 women who have virgin-certificates. Ahhhhhh - what maroons!

Enough already. Let's all admit it. Don't worry about being called an Islamophobe: Islam, as it is practiced today, is the most barbaric, anachronistic, brutal, blindly stupid, violent, war-mongering, self-loathing, anti-American, anti-Canadian, anti-Danish, anti-Swedish, anti-Dutch, humorless, backward, hypocritical, rape-inspired, goat-f*cking, child-molesting, dissembling, blog-hacking, hospital-exploding, head-chopping, intolerant, criminal religion. To put it briefly.

Sources: Islamic barbarism

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