Muslim Girl Scarlett Johansson in a Burqa?

scarlett johansson in burqa

I know what you are thinking: I am just throwing sexy photos of Scarlett Johansson into this discussion of Muslim intolerance of Western Culture because I am a sick, demented, obsessed-with-beautiful women pervert. Yes, It is true. I am an All-American Male.

Our entire entertainment industry of music, film and games which feeds all the other services of Cable, wireless, Broadband, Network TV, advertising, magazines, etc. is in large part possible because we adore beautiful women. But doesn't the Islamic world also have TV, magazines, films, advertising and so on? Can't you have burqas and a vibrant entertainment industry?


designer burqasEven when Afghanistan had a very conservative fashion show the women wearing the designer burqas could not be native Afghan Women, they had to import non-Afghan women (1).

Interesting, Muslims consider western women as sluts, yet without them there can be no Afghan Fashion Show. Think about that: Even wearing glorified bedsheets is a no-no for Muslim women if they have to parade in front of men!

Of course, deep Islamic scholars will point out that in Islamic countries women are treated with more respect and dignity than in the West.

Yeah, right. Michelle Malkin notes this respectful attitude of Muslim men toward women:


Brooks' multimedia photo essay at plays like an apologia for sharia law.

No mention of this: "Islamists threaten to kill Bangladeshi women not wearing hijab...'Women will be killed if they are found to move around without wearing burqa (veil) from the first day of Zilhaj,' the Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen said in the statement sent to a Dhaka newspaper office."

little muslim girl beaten by imamMust be fabulous being a woman in Islam!

But some Muslims will say that only wanton sluts are treated thus. So how do you explain this treatment of a innocent young girl, Farooq?

Further Adventures of Indigo Red , Islam - Where Men are Men and Women (and little girls) are Disposable

An echo of France-Echoes

19 Apr 2006 - Tétouan, MOROCCO.

What is the crime of Nihad … a 6 years old girl?
Daring to walk on the prayer carpet of Moustafa LAZRAK, a "f’qih” and imam … How beautiful is the Religion of Tolerance, Peace and Love …

In Morocco the "f’qih” is an entire institution: it is a sort of imam-teacher in koranical schools, that belongs to public education. In Tétouan a "f’qih”, whose role is to teach Islam, attacked an innocent child of 6 years old. The picture speaks by its own: black eyes, bruises (?? ecchymoses in French), and multiple fractures of the noise. Not to mention the psychological consequences …

Her bruises will fade as will the memory, the broken bones will heal, and little Nihad will grow to be a woman hating America and Western culture that treats their women like whores.

Precisely. This girl will grow up with the feeling the world is an evil, brutal place and in her case, rightly so. But she will also be taught why she is in constant pain and distress: because of the Western Crusader and his partner the Jew.

grandma hezbolla terroristShe was not born a terrorist or a threat to Western Civilization, but eventually this is what Islam manufactures: grandmas with RPG-7s.

Muslims of course would go completely mad without Western entertainment. If Islamic music and films are so great why do people risk death and dismemberment trying to get their entertainment from America? Huh, huh, huh? Can you imagine an American risking his life to listen to a 3 hour song of continuous squeals of the various names of Allah?

Even wearing shorts like an American will get you killed.

Eureka Iron Works reminds us in Svim-Wear! "Remember those Wendy's commercials from the 80s where a rather chunky Soviet maiden models a gray frock, alternatively captioned as Daywear, Eveningwear and then SVIM-wear?"

We thought the Soviets' fashion sense was bland and boring! Islam is mind numbing. So the War on Terror really comes down to this: Do we want a world filled with one Islamic style of music, tv, film and fashions like these:

burqa clad womenburqa clad womenburqa clad women

Or these (click on any image below for my Scarlett Johansson Photo Gallery):

scarlett johansson beautiful womanscarlett johansson beautiful womanscarlett johansson beautiful womanscarlett johansson beautiful womanscarlett johansson beautiful womanscarlett johansson beautiful womanscarlett johansson beautiful woman

Being an American means you can enjoy looking at the Burqa-clad as well as the unclad, as you wish. It means you mind your own business and let everyone else mind theirs as long as they don't try to foist upon you their notion of God or culture. I welcome Muslims to America but you have to renounce those parts of your religion that require you to behead and kill anyone who disagrees with you. Renounce the call to convert the infidel or kill him. Renounce the urge to ask my school to stop serving pork to everyone just so your child doesn't have to look at someone else eating it. Renounce the pride of Honor Killing if your daughter decides to marry a Christian. Do what Jews do, kvetch a few days and get over it, Ahmed. Basically renounce 99% of your religion and you are welcome to live among civilized men.

And not to worry, the 1% of your religion that allows you to flirt with goats is just fine in certain parts Kentucky.

If you come to America to take part in the bounty this country offers you, then you have to swear a loyalty to this country, you have to accept our culture, and you have to stop supporting Hezbollah as you bastards did in New York, San Francisco, and Dearborn the other day. Hezbollah has killed Americans and are our enemy. If you want to be in America, you have to stop supporting our enemies, you Jew-hating morons.

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burqas in fashion iranRelated:

Islamic clothing by Iranian designers at a fashion show in Tehran 17 Jul 2006.

oblogatory anecdotes - Its Not Your Mother's Burka, Excerpt:

It seems only yesterday that the left considered the burka to be the ultimate repression of women, now it is a symbol of enlightenment. According to Time Magazine women who would have never considered wearing a burka are now embracing it and finding liberation. I guess the Taliban were actually visionaries ahead of their time. The National Organization for Women should be thrilled because men will no longer be able to look upon women as sex objects.

CNN, Hezbollah leader apologizes for attack's child victims

In an interview with Al-Jazeera, Hezbollah leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, issued an apology for Wednesday's rocket attack on Nazareth that claimed the lives of two Arab-Israeli children aged 3 and 7.

"To the family that was hit in Nazareth -- on my behalf and my brothers', I apologize to this family," he said.
The terrorist leader conceded that an apology alone was insufficient consolation for the grieving family, though he was confident that his surprise gift would make up for it:
"Some events like that happen. At any event, those who were killed in Nazareth, we consider them martyrs for Palestine and martyrs for the nation."

Ahh. All better now.

123beta has the Solution To The Middle-East Crisis: "Drop an H-bomb on Iran, Syria (and North Korea while we're at it). Civilian casualties? Who cares?"

Now that is the dumbest thing I ever heard. How could he possibly have left out Somalia and a few other God-forsaken countries of Africa that are over-run with Muslims? You know that old saying about "speak softly but carry a big stick"? Well, it don't mean a hill of beans if you don't use the stick once in a while. Especially on ignorant barbarians from 722 AD.

Blogger Euphoric Reality says Fighting Heats Up in Lebanon [Link to article rotted], Excerpt:

The Israeli army is calling up reservists, but they are making it clear that this is not going to be a "neverending” situation. Lebanon is trying to step up and say that if Israel "invades,” they will be forced to defend their land–which is a riot, to me, since Israel has made it clear that they don’t want the land and don’t have a problem with the Lebanese people.

Lebanese terrorists heading away from a southern Beirut building destroyed by Israeli air strikes Friday. ReutersHere is something I don't understand. Reuters has this caption for the photo: "Lebanese civilians heading away from a southern Beirut building destroyed by Israeli air strikes Friday." But hasn't Israel already warned everyone to leave that area? Haven't they read the leaflets dropped by Israeli planes? How is it possible for Reuters to be that stupid as to label these people "civilians"?

With all the turmoil of evacuation and lack of respect for our military please click here to open a thank you card to our military. If it doesn't make you feel good - you're a Muslim.



Female Beauty, Afghanistan First Fashion Show in Decades

“The models should have been Afghan, but we know that many families still don’t allow their daughters to do things like this,” said a member of the audience, Nooria Farhad.


One of the designers behind the show, Italian Isabella Ghidoni, told Reuters said they did not want to court controversy by using models from the conservative Muslim country. “We invited a lot of Afghan women to attend the show but not to be models.”

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