New York Times to trim size of paper and Treason Section

new york times - the paper of sedition
New York Times - the paper of sedition
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Captain's Quarters,
Times To Reduce The Size Of Their Newspaper

The New York Times will reduce the size of its newspaper, trimming the news by 5%, and will close one of its printing facilities to save money, it announced today. The changes will result in the loss of 250 jobs:

The New York Times is planning to reduce the size of the newspaper, making it narrower by one and a half inches, and to close its printing operation in Edison, N.J., company officials said yesterday.
The changes, to go into effect in April 2008, will be accompanied by a phased-in redesign of the paper and will mean the loss of 250 production-related jobs....
The reduction in the size of The Times will mean a loss of 5 percent of the space the paper devotes to news.

I have a suggestion: How about the New York Times stops printing seditious and treasonous crap that only emboldens our enemies, denigrates our troops, and encourages defeatist appeasers in Congress? That way they can save 5% of space in the paper and no one will mind or notice that the paper is smaller. Besides, who really wants a TREASON SECTION in their newspaper?

Here's a hint to the TIMES: Get out of the paper business. There is something out there called the Internet, it's hot, it's digital, it's the newest thing. Also they are making bird cages now that are more efficient in containing bird poopies so the only reason anyone buys the rag anymore will soon be gone. Except the fish wrappers. They may still buy the paper edition.

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Yesterday, we had a brief post written from the point of view of how CBS's 60 Minutes would breathlessly cover a corporate PR stunt--if it didn't involve CBS itself. Meanwhile, Thomas Lifson looks at how the New York Times would cover a recent business cutback...:
A profitable company is to shutter a factory it built in 1992 as part of a much-hailed visionary strategy to take advantage of technology. But now it is just a cost to be cut. Eight hundred jobs, many of them well-paying blue collar positions (supposedly an endangered species) will disappear, while managerial and professional jobs are being protected.
Normally, this would be a juicy target for series of articles on the front and business pages of the New York Times. You know the drill: a parade of blue collar people victimized by the Bush administration, and now facing a bleak future. Meanwhile the insiders make out fine. There’s even a fat cat CEO whose compensation package has done a whole lot better than its profits or stock. If Howell Raines still were editor, he’d get at least 40 stories out of it

....If the company in question wasn't the New York Times.

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