Liberals blind to Islamic Danger: High Dynamic Range Photography

In the New York Times Technology section for August 3, 2006 you will find an article describing a software technology known as H.D.R. (high dynamic range) photography.

There's no point giving the link, you will need a subscription to view the article after a few weeks. The article discusses digital darkroom techniques now enjoyed by many amateur photographers like Kris Kros that produced a photo under the title "Was It Done With a Lens, or a Brush?" like this:

Kris Kros - This image was made by merging three shots with different exposures - Ian Austen for the New York Times

And here are the three images that were used to create the one above:

Kris Kros - This image was made by merging three shots with different exposures - Ian Austen for the New York Times

Dynamic range measures how great a difference between light and dark can be captured by a digital camera or film. Compared to the human eye, photography, especially digital photography, has a limited dynamic range.

This can be seen in the first composite landscape image where the sky appears almost completely washed out. In the third composite we can capture all the thrilling details of the sky but we lose the details in the trees. Usually a photographer is stuck choosing one end of detail for the other.

By merging the three shots using Photomatix HDR we can create an image with more dynamic range, with all the vibrant tones and colors from each image that comes pretty close to a painting.

OK, you say to yourself, where is the punchline? I blog about beautiful women or Islamic barbarism, so where's Scarlett Johansson; where's Achmed Marries the Goat?

Here's the deal: The classic problem for photographers is trying to photograph a room’s interior while still capturing the view outside its windows. Because of the limited dynamic range of film, they are usually forced to choose either the room or its view as their subject. In the same manner, liberals were brought up to pretend to worry about the little guy. Because they focus so narrowly on the plight of the poor, they miss the entire picture, the view outside the window.

For example: liberals are always in favor of minimum wage laws which when set outside of market conditions, actually hurts the poor. The most egregious example is the leftist coddling of workers in Europe leading quickly to the collapse of Europe as an economic power. All those laws protecting the worker from being fired have resulted in the highest unemployment rate in the developed world. Narrowly worrying about workers without seeing the big picture has in the end hurt the little guy.

liberal idiots think that tolerance will stop terrorIt is liberals, especially Jewish liberals, whose misplaced sense of tolerance, has blinded them to the Islamic barbarity raging outside the window. Well-meaning libertarians as well, fearing the label Islamophobe tell themselves that it is only Islamic extremists that are the problem. Would they, in 1933 Germany, spout the falsehood that it is only Nazi extremists that should be killed? That Moderate Nazis should take back their political party that was hijacked by terrorists? Like that is even a possibility?

This is very simple my defeatist, liberal, coward friend: look out the window. Muslims are killing Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Thais, Chinese, Russians, Indonesians, Tamils, blacks, whites, Asians, Europeans, children, women, nurses, doctors in schools, hospitals, embassies, ships, cars, buses, trains, shops, restaurants, hotels, homes, amusement parks, soccer fields. Look out the f*%^$! window, for god's sake!

BTW: To those idiot bloogers who think Hezbollah is winning this war, here is what Hezbollah has done for Beirut: Click Here. [Hint: click on July 12 then July 31 to see how well Hezbollah has done.]

Here is the kid from Brooklyn who has respect for Israel starting a war over two soldiers: video [dead link].

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