Terror- Proof Airlines Opens for Business

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We at TPA, Terrorist-Proof Airlines, are in the flying business.

We can absolutely guarantee NO WALK-ON GUNS, KNIVES, BOX CUTTERS, SHOE-BOMBS or other weapons will ever be carried onto OUR FLIGHTS!

Book your next flight with TPA, the safest airline in the industry!

terror proof airlines
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[From an email going around]


Hopefully the arrest of MUSLIM Jihadists in London will give European Police Agencies a politically-correct excuse to arrest their own suspected Muslim terrorists. Here's an example:

Michelle Malkin, Calling Oriana Fallaci

Police arrested 40 people in cities throughout Italy in raids on Muslim gathering places in a security crackdown after Britain thwarted an alleged terror plot, the Interior Ministry said Friday, as Pakistani intelligence agents claimed there was an Al Qaeda connection with ties to Afghanistan to the group of suspected terrorists arrested Thursday.

euphoric reality links to a great YouTube interview with Walid Shoebat, the former Muslim terrorist who is now speaking out for Jews and Americans. Great quotes - this guy is brilliant and says what no one has the guts to say.

big dog's weblog, When You Don’t Have An Issue, Blame Other Side

The very items that the left said we should not do, the same things the ACLU demanded be stopped while they sued and sued, were the items that help bring down these jihadi wannabes. So who was strong on national defense? Was it the group that opposed all items or the group that used them on certain conditions?

don surber - [defunct blog] Bush's plan works, Excerpt:

Fox News reports Italian authorities arrested 40 Muslim terror suspects today. Here is the key:
"A U.S. congressman briefed by intelligence officials, who did not want to be identified because of the sensitivity of the investigation, said U.S. intelligence had intercepted terrorist chatter."


This is obviously not a good week to be a defeatist coward leftist. All those nasty intrusions on phonecalls, watching bank deposits, NSA crap, you remember; seems to work now, eh?

Remember this story back in 2004?

Michelle Malkin, WHO'S FREAKING OUT?

Following the lead of anonymous air marshals (see Eric Leonard's KFI news story), some in the blogosphere are piling on Annie Jacobsen. One blogger calls her a "sniveling little twit." Kevin Drum pooh-poohs "Panic in the Skies." Armed Liberal advises Annie to take a "chill pill." And Commissar at Politburo Diktat writes:

We are freaking out. Panicking. Overreacting. Getting jumpy. For Chrissakes, GET A GRIP, comrades. We (I mean Ms. Jacobsen) are, by the words of our federal air security officials, creating a danger in the air.

I respectfully take issue with this characterization. Let's remember what exactly Annie and Kevin Jacobsen did on their flight. By one unnamed marshal's own words:
Jacobsen and her husband had a number of conversations with the flight attendants and gestured towards the men several times, the source said.
Who's freaking out? The unnamed marshals who spoke to KFI are popping veins over the Jacobsens for having merely discussed their concerns with the flight crew and "gestured towards the men." The couple didn't jump up and scream "We are going to die!" They didn't faint or have heart attacks. And they didn't confront the 14 Syrians while they all stood up before landing, went to the bathroom, and congregated in the aisles in violation of security regulations. (No one confronted them, for crying out loud. That is the problem.)

Regarding the above, Blue state conservatives [now defunct] has a chilling thought in Looking More Like a "Dry Run" Every day: didn't we have a minor blogswarm over a possible terrorist "practice" run about a year or two ago? There was a lady who gave an account of her flight where a few middle eastern men were getting up and moving around and going to the bathroom together. If my memory serves me right they didn't find anything on the suspects at the time. Makes sense. Their "dry run" was probably done with common everyday liquids.

At the time, in 2004, SNOPES ran a report that these were not terrorists but "identified by federal agents as a group of touring musicians travelling to a concert date at a casino."

I wonder if the International Anti-Terror Police shouldn't re-investigate these fellows to see if they are in Western countries.

Here's an interesting photo, which story do you think they are telling in Gaza and in the Muslim Press, that she died from an Israeli attack or that she fell from a swing?

Muslim photo lies

A Relative carries the body of Rajaa Abu Shaban, 5, into Shifa hospital in Gaza City, Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006. On Thursday, doctors said that the 5-year-old Palestinian girl initially believed to have been killed by an Israeli military strike Wednesday apparently died after sustaining head injuries during a fall from a swing in the same area shortly before the strike.(AP Photo/Adel Hana)

Click on photo to read the rest of the story from Something... and Half of Something.

Those bastards - [now defunct blog] Terrorists to use explosive clothing, Excerpt: Boston, Mass. (Reuters) -- The U.S. embassy in India warned American citizens on Friday of possible attacks by al Qaeda, utilizing clothing dipped in explosives. The Homeland Security Department rapidly responded to the threat by issuing an order requiring all air travelers to fly naked.

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