There is no room for Jews in this world

map of muslim population

Want to see what Muslims say they are fighting for? Want to see all the land that was stolen from them by the Jews? Want to see how the Zionists have cornered Muslims into such a small, constricted, confined area that they cannot even breathe?

Then look at this map. The red parts are countries where Muslims are in the majority. I moved the State of Israel into the sea, into the middle of the ocean, as Muslims say they want to do. I put Israel smack in the middle so it's easy to see. I even have an arrow pointing to it in case you might miss it. It is easy to miss. See the tiny, teeny, little speck? That is Israel exactly to scale against the red of the Muslim world.

Sadly, the arrow itself is a few times larger than the land occupied by the Zionist pigs.

No wonder Muslims are hacking, burning, torturing, raping, beheading, blowing everyone up. Israel left them no place in which to locate themselves.

Of course when 750,000 Arabs left Israel in 1948, Arabs expelled about 900,000 Jews from Arab lands. So it seems to me a bit unfair for Arabs to demand the Jews to vacate Israel and let the Arabs back in without at least offering some land where the Jews they displaced can relocate. No?

So my Muslim friends, have you ever asked yourselves why with almost one-fourth of the land area of the world under your control, you have not been able to find a few square feet to accept a few million Palestinians since 1948? Why are they still living in refugee camps after five decades? Is this not the most inhumane thing that you could have done to 2 generations of Palestinians? To fellow Arabs that you profess to defend and support?

That little dot that you see on the map is Israel. It holds just as many Israelis as there exist Palestinian refugees. With all the oil wealth and all the lands of Arabia, you could not find a place to put those Palestinians except in that particular tiny dot?

This dot is one of the reasons you killed innocent people in London, Mumbai, Madrid, New York, and so on? Do you not feel any shame, you disgusting, greedy, hateful, barbaric, backward, tent-folding, child-abusing goat-f*ckers.

This is why the civilized world will eradicate you like the sand fleas you are.

A few years ago, the West did not understand Islam. We thought you were a modern religion with just some minor, absurd primitive practices. Because of our ignorance and naivete, you were able to infest Europe and America fairly undetected.

9/11 opened our eyes, slightly. Even our President thought that this was the act of a small, insignificant extremist minority. He even called Islam the Religion of Peace hijacked by these maniacs, not knowing the truth, yet.

But now he has a slightly clearer view: he calls you Islamic Fascists. Soon the West will be deporting you, as it should. There is no living with self-destructive parasites whose only intent is killing its host.

Your days are numbered. You can count on the defeatist stupidity of liberals and the complicity of our leftist press for only a few more years.

Your propaganda is laughable and your reutered photos are ham-handed and infantile, so your staged massacres and frozen babies will not work so well in the future. Your brutality has been so egregious that you have made racial profiling respectable again.

And since Iranian missiles have proven themselves to be ineffective fly-swats, there is no longer anything keeping Israel from blowing up Iran's nuclear ambitions.

There is an Armageddon coming. Yours.

Disclaimer: Any Muslim that feels it is unfair to ask him to leave America, please be advised you can stay if you convert to civilization. That is, renounce Islam. It is not a religion, despite what you think. It fills your mind with hate and intolerance and is incompatible with Western Culture so there is no point in trying to mix Islam and Western Civilization. They cannot co-exist.

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