10,000 Year Old Remains of Liberal Idiot Found in California

Malibu Ca (AP) -- Scientists say human bones unearthed during a road excavation on the Caltrans Project that date back 10,000 years could be part of "one of the most important archaeological finds in North America."

The bones, found last month on Topanga Canyon Blvd were alongside a stone that archaeologists say was the kind used by desert-dwelling humans to sneak up on liberal idiots who never saw it coming.

Archaeological geologists of the Malibu Geological Survey said carbon-14 dating completed last week shows the bones are between 9,800 and 10,200 years old, which could mean liberal idiots lived on these beaches 10,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Asked how geologists could determine that these were the remains of a liberal idiot, the response was rather simple: the species Liberalisis idiotus hasn't changed in 10 millennia as evidenced by the National Geographic photograph below:


Despite the fact that most Jews in America are Liberal Idiots, I wish all Jews Rosh Hashanah 5767.

I heard that even Monica Lewinsky celebrated this year by blowing her chauffer.

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