2996 tribute to victims of 9/11 - Terrence E Adderley

tribute to 2996 9/11 victims

9/11/01: A Day We will Never Forget

In honour of the 2996 innocent lives lost that day.

tribute to 2996 9/11 victims

Before 9/11 the only view I had of the New York City skyline was from the top floor of my home in New Jersey. On any day I could look out the window and see the upper 30 floors of the World Trade Center.

When both buildings disappeared from view that horrible morning, it was as if all of New York City descended into oblivion. Now it happens that I have never seen anyone die. Sure, I've seen videos of car accidents and train wrecks, but I've never actually seen in real time in the real world anyone die - until 9/11.

When the first tower collapsed I said to myself, "Oh my god, those poor people." I did not know a single person who died that day. Until now.

The 2,996 project is a tribute to the victims of 9/11. On September 11, 2006, 2,996 volunteer bloggers will display their posts each assigned to write a tribute to a victim of 9/11. This page pays honour to the innocent victims who lost their lives on this tragic day in American history. It was my personal honor to be assigned Terence E. Adderley, a young man of 22 originally from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Ted, as his family called him, was working for Fred Alger Management on the 93rd floor of World Trade Center North on September 11th. His family last heard from him by email about 4 minutes before the first airplane hit the North Tower.

terrence e adderley wtc died 9/11His family said Ted was very happy. He had his dream job, he had wonderful friends, he was living in his favorite city and he knew he could succeed at anything he tried. I wanted to call his family to find out more about Ted but each time I prepared to do so a wave of uncontrollable sadness overcame me. The horror of that day kept filling my mind. I knew I would be unable to ask his parents about Ted's childhood without breaking down. It was as if Ted were my own son lost that day. What could I say to them? What must they feel every single day without him? And how devastated must it be like in their home every 9/11?

So then my tribute, my memorial to Teddy is to write about the life he could have had. How some of his dreams and hopes might have come to pass if September 11th were just any other ordinary, happy day in America:

The Life Terrence E Adderley could have had:

October 2004: While shopping for a birthday card for his sister Elizabeth, Ted meets his future wife, Allison who works as a fashion designer for an online web company.

June 2005: Ted and Allison marry. The Wedding is filled with many of Ted's friends, some of his Fraternity brothers from College, and of course, his family. Ted and Allison move into a newly built condo on Hudson Street only a ten minute walk from the WTC.

July 2007: Ted is a rising star in the New York financial world. Fred Alger starts a new Health Sciences Information Technology Mutual Fund and names Ted as a Vice President of the new fund. At 27 Ted is one of the youngest VP's at the firm.

August 2009: Allison gives birth to a bouncing William Adderley, named after Ted's grandfather.

January 2021: Ted is named a managing director at Fred Alger. Ted and his wife move into a beautiful home in the Hamptons.

June 2030: William Adderley graduates from Princeton with a degree in Molecular Biology. He plans on post-graduate work. Ted could not be prouder of his son.

May 2041: Ted is extremely successful and happy in his life. He has a loving wife, a beautiful home, a talented and adoring son. Life could not be any better.

Time passes and we come to Christmas day many, many years from now. Ted has his grand-daughter on his knee, his son William is opening presents, his wife taking turkey from the oven, friends and family around the table. A life lived as an American.

Then that moment finally comes to Ted when it must come for all of us, and we can only pray that we will be as happy and fulfilled in our lives as he was in his.

I am an atheist but on every 9/11 from the deepest part of my heart I say may all the souls who died that day rest in peace and may God Bless America.


tribute to 2996 9/11 victimsI was usually in the WTC three or four times a week in the mornings. I could have easily been sitting across from Terrence during breakfast or grabbing a coffee or even bumped into him in the concourse. When I can distance myself a bit more from that day, I will try to contact Ted's family and update his biography. I am ashamed I do not have the strength to speak to them now.

The 2,996 souls lost that day are now connected to the 2,996 bloggers who have adopted them as new sons, daughters, uncles, aunts, mothers and fathers. They were not alone when they died, they are not alone now.

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Rare Sep-11 Clip - video powered by Metacafe

woman honor thyself - N.Y. MemorieS, December 2001 - Excerpt:

It’s been an emotionally wrenching job as well as a long , long one for many of them. Most are working 12 hour shifts which have just recently been reduced from 16 or even 18 hours.

Standing on Ground Zero, the Twin Towers are so devastatingly conspicuous by their absence. Your soul just wants to cry out when you witness it….and yet the workers must concentrate on the task at hand; they have to gain mastery over their thoughts with this haunting vision of mangled steel, ruin and smoke before their eyes.
Many seem to be carefully arranging their facial features to hide their emotions as they stand before this dilapidated edifice. Some look at me and wear a sweet, unconcerned smile, which never belies the turbulence in their hearts.


rottweiler puppy - 9/11: So Where Were You?, Excerpt: All we do remember is that he was running toward the second tower in the minutes between the plane hitting it and its collapse. That, and the fact the guy knew he was about to die. There are no words that can describe that kind of courage, that kind of self-sacrifice.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg Signs Bill Naming 81 Streets After Heroes Of 9/11

Chris Macke Photography - WTC Photos

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tribute to 2996 9/11 victims

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