Converting to Islam is not enough

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Let's not be liberal idiots, the recent warnings to the West to Convert or Die will not end there. Conversion will not be enough; everything that we hold dear in Western Culture will have to go. And I'm not just talking about giving up religious freedom, I mean everything:

This last will be difficult for New Yorkers to take. More than 20,000 choices of where to eat tonight will be resolved into 1 single choice: Halal.
Patents, inventions, medical advancements, discoveries - Gone.

History will be re-written:

FOX News,
Iran to Host Autumn Conference on Holocaust

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi said both opponents and proponents of the existence of the Holocaust could participate in the conference.

"God willing, a conference on the Holocaust will be held in the autumn. The Holocaust is not a sacred issue that one can't touch," he told reporters. "I have visited the Nazi camps in Eastern Europe. I think it is exaggerated."

Women's rights, personal freedoms, artistic achievements, and everything that makes life glorious and worth living - Gone.

We will take the greatness of Western Civilization and trade it for the culture of sand fleas. I suppose if you live in a tent all your life and chase goats for sex you have very little need for art, science, history or technology.

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The Dinocrat, Convert to Islam or Die II — a theme that is hard to misinterpret

We have seen in recent days a clear theme from our Islamic fundamentalist enemies: convert or die. We’ve had occasion to discuss this matter of conversion or death just the other day. Today it’s that dear boy Adam Gadahn, whom we discussed one year and two years ago, delivering the message:

"Instead of killing yourself for Bush … why not surrender to the truth (of Islam), escape from the unbelieving army and join the winning side. Time is running out so make the right choice before it’s too late," he said. "You know that if you die as an unbeliever in battle against the Muslims you’re going straight to Hell without passing 'Go,'" Gadahn said on the video, addressing American soldiers…

And don't think it is just surrendering to militant Islam that will be our downfall; moderate Islam has a new garment for all of us to wear if only we submit without a fight:

Blue Star Chronicles,
Hospital Gowns for Muslims

I really wish this were a joke. But it’s not.

It seems that in the United Kingdom’s dhimmitude extends to health care now. Even to hospital gowns.

muslim hospital gownFrom the Evening Post:

Muslim women booking into hospital for operations can now respect their religion by wearing this unique burka-style gown.
It’s called the ‘Inter-Faith Gown’. I don’t know what’s ‘inter-faith’ about it. It just doesn’t strike me as a style that Christian or Jewish women would be caught dead in. That might have been an unfortunate choice of words. We wouldn’t be caught alive in one of those contraptions. Yeah, that’s better.

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