Devon Aoki - Muslim Repellent - Muslim Honey Pot

devon-aoki with yellow snake

Every few weeks my hits from Islamic countries begin to dwindle. No, they don't come here to read my Islamophobic rants. What lures my faithful readers from Yemen and Saudi Arabia to visit is scantily clad women suitable for abuse and rape. If you check my map hits you will find a very healthy representation of readers from Muslim countries. Now I'm a fair guy, if anything; and to balance all that Islamic hate I spew daily I feel it is important for my Muslim readers to get some enjoyment from my blog.

Although Islam is repelled by the sight of beautiful, naked, tiny girls who love to be brutalized and beaten [I need these key words to get them here], they are also strangely drawn to view them in the privacy of their tents. And let's be honest, if you wear out the family goat then the desert can be a pretty unforgiving place.

The photo above is of Devon Aoki, a tiny, sweet young thing with innocent eyes and a vulnerable, easily beaten, vulnerable, delicious, white complexioned body. If it wasn't against the law, wouldn't any man want to savagely rape her? Of course, since she's an infidel whore, it is not against Sharia Law to brutalize such a brazen hussy. Any Muslim has the right to teach this young, innocent infidel girl slut a lesson not to flaunt her charms so openly with no burqa, and so naked, so nude, so deserving of punishment.

It took me about three minutes to realize that there was a snake in that photo. For more images of Devon visit my Devon Aoki Gallery.

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