Muslim Cabbies and Catholic Hospitals

Islamic dentist at work
An Islamic dentist at work
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Let's all admit there are certain things that religious people should not do: like working with the general public. Muslim cab drivers that violate the law by refusing to pick up blind fares that have guide dogs for reasons of religious conscience should not be in the taxi business. Similarly Jehovah's Witnesses should not open a hospital.

I know what your are thinking. If a religious group wants to provide faith-based health care what business is it of Government to tell them that if they service the general public they must utilize modern medical technology? This means that if a person needs a blood transfusion, the hospital must allow such operations even if it goes against the conscience of their ministry. One can argue that such religious organizations can service poor rural areas where for-profit entities could not operate. Indeed many charity hospitals run at a loss.

Here is why I think it is better that we have no hospital rather than one affiliated with a religion.

In my home town of 60,000 souls there is but one hospital, not affiliated with any religious organization. At the present time it is facing financial difficulties. If it closes and moves elsewhere, the hole it leaves may invite a Catholic Hospital to come in. This would be a disaster. Once a Catholic Charity Hospital starts business, it would make it absolutely impossible for any other hospital to come back in and operate at a profit. We would be stuck with their view of how to dole out medicine and medical treatment. In my case I have enough money to avoid Catholic Hospitals, certainly I would never go to any religious Hospital if I could help it. But for many of the poor and certainly in emergency situations one can die because of their "conscience."

If a poor, non-Catholic woman who cannot get a helicopter ride to another hospital finds herself in the situation of needing an emergency abortion and is stuck at Mother Cabrini's or St Vincents Charity Hospital she will die. But, you may object, if there were no other hospital in the area, isn't she still better off with at least having some hospital as opposed to none? No. If the Catholic Hospital did not open in her city or town the ambulance would have brought her to the nearest hospital where she would at least have the chance of surviving. And if Catholic Hospitals were forced out of business, at least there would be the opportunity for non-faith-based institutions to open up shop.

Again, if a Muslim Hospital opens up to only treat Muslims, I am fine with that. But the minute they begin to treat the general public, they kill off any chance of secular hospitals operating profitably in that area. Here is my concern. The Saudi Princes are pouring money into this country for mosques, schools, and clinics. Imagine if Prince Aba-dabba opens a hospital in my town. Hey, you may say, what's wrong with a Muslim Hospital and if they are willing to pay for it what's the harm? If Muslims start opening hospitals and they are allowed to make medical decisions based on their faith, then my wife would have to be treated by a male doctor behind a curtain. No drugs with an alcohol medium can be dispensed. They could refuse to treat Aids victims on conscientious grounds since Islam abhors homosexuality. Women with fatal genetic diseases that require their sterilization would be refused treatment. The only good thing about infidels being sick is that while sick they are not subject to jizya.

Those who would say that Muslims have a right to open up hospitals, who cares, are not thinking clearly. If a Muslim Hospital were to open up in my town it would kill any chance of another, non-religious hospital from ever opening up again.

In the years after Roe v Wade more than 44 states have passed laws allowing hospitals the right of conscientious objection to certain medical procedures. This was a mistake. At present only about 11% of all community hospitals are faith-based. Since Muslims propagate at a rate greater than any modern civilized peoples we will soon see in America an explosion of Muslim Hospitals. The time is now to prohibit conscientious objection in medical services. I do not want Muslim Pharmacists to refuse me medication because his conscience refuses to deal with a Zionist Pig like myself. Scientology has enough money and enough adherents at present to open a Hospital to treat people with auditing and prayer.

But this is absurd, you protest! Scientologists shouldn't be allowed to open hospitals for the general public. Because most of us are Christian in this country we never really examined the absurdity of allowing some religious group to dispense their version of medicine. What many of you may not even realize is that many Catholic Medical schools do not teach medical emergency abortion techniques. Imagine that your wife or daughter absolutely needs a medical abortion to live. No choice in the matter. Your Catholic doctor wouldn't even know how to save her life even if he wanted to!

I am opposed to abortion except in cases the health of the mother is in jeopardy. This is my personal belief. But when treating the general public, Allah, Jehovah, Buddha, alien spaceships of Ron L Hubbard, and the Pagan Goddess Ashtoroth have no business in medicine, sorry.

Catholic Charities can help the elderly and poor with food programs, run schools, even help with money toward health care, but providing medical treatment is the job of secular organizations.

As a bit of trivia, and in fairness to Muslims, I should give honorable mention that Hospitals were invented by Caliphs exactly 1300 years ago. Of course, nothing of any value has come from Islam for the past few hundred years.

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