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the Big Lie: peace loving mohammed

We are all familiar with the sad plight of naive, ignorant young girls from Minnesota who come to New York looking for glamorous jobs as starlets on Broadway or becoming famous models. They arrive with almost no money, no place to live, and no one to meet them. Except for Darnell or Leroy, local pimps who sweet talk them, fill them them with a few meals and provide a place to crash "while they're looking for their big break."

The pimps have a set routine. They get the girls as dependent as possible. Play mental games on them until the pimps are viewed as a God. Then put them out to work. Then begins the process of instilling fear - the wrath of god. If they screw up make them pay an extreme penalty. The routine, with variations plays out all over the world.

And so it is with CAIR's campaign to convert Americans to Islam. They show those who are particularly vulnerable and ignorant all the beauty of the Qur'an. They smile at you with their pimp-smiles, reading those few, sparse passages that extol the humble and peaceful life you can have as a Muslim, how everything will be clear once you convert. They spit out through their lying teeth the words unity, compassion, kindness and willingness to give.

The picture they present of Mohammed is the one you see above; peace-loving, compassionate, almost Jesus-Like. You would never know he was a pedophile and vicious military conqueror.

john walker lindhThere are approximately 20,000 idiots a year converting to Islam. One day they will find out there is another side to Islam. The true, dirty, barbaric side. And when they are given a choice between fighting for Islam or fighting for us they will take the side of other converts to Islam like Hamza Walker Lindh (as he likes to call himself) pictured here and Richard Reid the shoe bomber.

20,000 time bombs are being planted in America every year. Perhaps now is the time to declare Islam a hostile, barbaric cult and outlaw it in this country. Certainly we outlaw and prosecute those whose religion allows the sexual abuse of children. Americans have previously misunderstood Islam because for years we only got the story from Hollywood movies and tales of 1001 nights. But now that they infest and riot in all the major cities of the western world, we see their true nature.

Yes, even in America these low-life traitors flew Hezbollah flags in demonstrations during the Lebanon-Israeli War. If this doesn't make you sick, you are probably a liberal idiot.


In the Bullpen,
SE Asia Terrorist Group of ex-Christian Converts

The Australian reports upon a new terrorist group aligned with Jemaah-Islamiya and Abu Sayyaf in SE Asia calling itself Rajah Solaiman. What makes Rajah Solaiman different is that it's a group of Christian converts to Islam who are "highly educated and well-financed" and lack "the profile of traditional Islamist terrorist groups."

The right truth -Hispanics Convert to Islam, Excerpt:

Hispanics, specifically American Hispanics, are converting to Islam at a rapid pace. Is this of interest to you? Would it be of interest if I told you it is all the Republican's fault? Well, that's what the article says.
... a growing number of Hispanics across the US who have found common ground in a faith and culture bearing surprising similarities to their own heritage. From professionals to students to homemakers, they are drawn to the Muslim faith through marriage, curiosity and a shared interest in issues such as immigration.

the astute bloggers,

I'm all for freedom of religion, and having the state allow all people to worship all faiths - in private. And if the Queen of England wants to have a MUSLIM PRAYER ROOM in Buckingham Palace AND Windsor Castle - as a token of respect for her Muslim subjects - this is just swell... EXCEPT THAT NO SUCH DEAL IS POSSIBLE IN THE SAUDI KINGDOM, or any other Muslim nation, really.

Without reciprocity, all these prayer rooms - and the Muslim Imam meetings Bush has had - are simply expressions of dhimmitude, and that means these acts are essentially rewarding islamothuggery and extortion - which of course only encourages more thuggery and extortion from Muslims.

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