Sexiest Woman Alive - Scarlett Johansson

The Sexiest Woman Alive 2006 - Esquire

After months of waiting Esquire announces The Sexiest Woman Alive 2006; but I knew this a long time ago.

In Touch Magazine recently did a scientific study and concluded that Scarlett owned the best pair of breasts in Hollywood, followed closely by Jessica Simpson and Salma Hayek; but months ago I observed: "Am I going blind or will Scarlett soon need duct tape to keep her little girls from popping out!"

According to another survey, Scarlett has the second-most- kissable lips in the world, topped only by the epic mouth of Angelina Jolie. But months ago I pointed out that her lips were the stars of the L'Oreal Ad.

And a British poll found Scarlett to have the best female bum. Again, months ago I told my readers that "The New York Post shows Scarlett Johansson's butt (and how sweet it is) - I had to buy three copies in case the first two wear out;"

When I saw photos of her legs at the Venice Film Festival I remarked "Is that some set of gams or what?"

Although I covered Scarlett in a burqa, I couldn't hide her beautiful hazel eyes.

So what part of her body did I miss? Her kidneys? Well, as MSN - Lifestyles - Men noted: "Lips, Kidneys and All: What's Not To Love About The Sexiest Woman Alive?"

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