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Italian hand gestures
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Yesterday I was walking in New York's Chinatown when I saw an Italian fellow gesturing madly while he was talking on his cellphone. I wondered Why? No one on the other end could see the gestures.

As a public service to my readers who do not understand how to speak authentic Italian, here are 13 hand gestures I see all the time:

  1. i'm such an idiot - how could I forget - smack head

    how could I have forgotten - am I an idiot...

  2. good job

    good job - go - good-to-go - lift-off - fantastic - keep it up!

  3. No good - negatory

    NG, kill the Christians, The Opposite of #2

  4. ok

    OK, perfetto, great, mucho gusto.

  5. A-OK

    A-OK, absolutely perfect.

  6. give me my money or else

    So you have my money or do I have to call Tony Bagodonuts?

  7. toke Photo Kevin Winter. Courtesy Getty Images.

    Ummmmm that is a good toke. A gesture says a thousand words: Tommy Chong during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

  8. Texas Longhorns ‘Lock’Em

    This gesture is a bit controversial. The Texas Longhorns ‘Lock’Em sign is given with the palms facing the signer, and usually with both hands together. With the horned hand, the palms face away. Some claim, including, the late Pope John Paul, that Bush is the Antichrist. Bush gave the horned hand gesture during his inauguration.

  9. call me

    Call me with your thumb-and-pinky phone. Why I didn't call you with my phone to tell you this - I don't know.

  10. scuzzi

    Scuzzi, did I just smash your face with my cleats? Sorry - Hey WTF?

  11. we're number one

    we're number 1.

  12. figa

    Figa - Profane symbol - screw you, go to hell, cuckold!

    And finally, another variation of #12:

  13. Iran: screw the world

    I'd be happy to negotiate about Nuclear Weapons with liberal idiots.

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