Liberals Provoked North Korea Nuke Tests

kim jong il at rushmore

After years of crying about the lack of WMD in Iraq and "Bush Lied - People Died" crap, it is now impossible for any US administration to attack North Korea pre-emptively to protect ourselves. Who can take the heat? And there's the possibility the explosions might not even have been nuclear.

Can you imagine the outcry if we were to invade North Korea only later find out that the mighty midget was only Saddam-bluffing! That the exercise was just an ego trip with faked conventional weapons? "Oh we attacked a country that didn't attack us, bwaaaah! Bush Lied, People died, bwaaaaah! There were no wmd's, bwaaaaah!"

Our useful, liberal idiots really screwed up the works this time with their incessant, moronic whining. It is no wonder that little Kim Jong Il doesn't worry about faking any tests or even doing real ones. He reads the New York Times and knows that unless he actually drops a big one on Manhattan, the liberals have made it almost impossible for our government to invade any country anymore, even if we have all the best of possible reasons.

Thank you, Michael "fat pig" Moore, Cindy "Terror Whore" Sheehan, and the rest of you liberal idiots.


Captain's Quarters - Russia Flacks For Kim Jong-Il, Excerpt: A 550-ton-yield nuke is worse than useless. One can build conventional bombs with more impact than what Kim tested this morning, and with none of the diplomatic messiness that Kim has created over the last twelve years. A 550-ton-yield nuke doesn't even make a good tactical weapon, let alone a strategic deterrent.

Roundup at sister toldjah - North Korea’s first nuclear weapon test

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