beetle creates dangerous car traffic situation in Los Angeles

vagina on a beetle

I get these kinds of emails all the time, although this one is probably the first auto-erotic [sorry] one.

The police of Los Angeles recently found some amusement filling out papers to register a series of car accidents. As it turned out, drivers were losing control and running into other vehicles upon seeing a giant woman's pubis displayed on the front part of an oncoming car.

The LA police started frantically looking for the dangerous pubis and came upon the tracks of a young hairdresser named Nelly Node. Nelly's passion for the arts made the young woman photograph her own crotch and put the zoomed picture on her Volkswagen Beetle. Nelly decided to use such a shameless method to prepare her college course work in which she analyzed the art of design.

The witty student's idea worked for the college professors. She was proudly driving her "pubic beetle" until the police arrested the woman. The court ruled that Nelly's car was creating a dangerous situation on the roads. The girl had to paint over her car's hood.

Click on partial VW photo above [***WARNING*** NSFW] to see what it looked like before she had to repaint it.

I don't believe this could have been an "art project" and even if it were, I doubt cars would have been running into each other over this and I equally doubt an LA Judge would have ruled against her First Amendment expression absent evidence of any real accidents and most of all I do not believe anyone could possibly be named Nelly Node. In addition, the story carries no names of officers or judges so despite it being a funny email, let's chalk this one up to a clever hoax.

In researching this touchy subject I came across 1500 names for that part of the female anatomy from "altar of love" to "the zone".

You can also listen to 1001 Holy Names For Coochie (by Christa Bell) in this Youtube video:

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