Islam will rule the world

osama bin laden family photo

A century ago Muslims represented about 12.4% of the world's population (1). Today it is almost 25%. By 2025 it will be the world's dominant religion. By 2100 it will be the only religion, assuming the Democrats stay in power.

A rather bold assertion. But consider this: the average Muslim woman has 6 children. (2) A Muslim man with 4 wives can have dozens of these little buggers. Non-Muslims are hardly reproducing at all (3). Do the math.

Osama bin Laden (circled in photo above - click for larger image) is one of 52 to 57 children (4), no one knows the exact number. Osama is wasting his time with swords, here, the penis is mightier than the sword. Islam will do with sheer numbers what no weapon can ever accomplish.

Thus, the most important thing we can do is stop funding African AIDS programs and certainly we should stop feeding the hungry of Africa (5). The last thing Americans should be doing is sending money just so more of these sand fleas can reproduce and eventually take over the world. How stupid can we be?


(1):, Muslim Population Statistics

Comparative chart - number of Muslims to Christians:

1900 world population26.9%12.4%
1980 world population30%16.5%
2000 world population29.9%19.2%
2025 world population (PROJECTED)25%30%


Lambert Dolphin's Library, Understanding Muslims

Islam Quiz (with answers):

1. How many Muslims are there in the world? ~ 1.2-1.5 Billion Muslims
2. What is the world's population? 6.0 billion
3. How many children does the average Muslim woman have? six
4. What does the Arabic word "islam" literally mean? the way of submission.


Planck's Constant, Fertility Rates of Muslim and Non-Muslim Countries

It should be noted that except for one nation, no European country has a fertility rate high enough to keep their population from declining. The one exception is Albania, a 70% Muslim majority country. Naturally.


Think & Ask, Hunt for al Qaeda's website

Al Qaeda's leader, Osama bin Laden, 47, is one of 54 children (25 girls, 29 boys.) The London Daily Mail reports 57 children were fathered by Mohammed bin Laden, and Time magazine reports only 52 children -- with so many offspring, it is no surprise the figure is misreported. Osama is the seventh child of Muhammed, the eldest is Salem bin Laden, a former Arbusto Energy Inc. associate of George H Bush. Mohammed built a successful Saudi construction company which eventually made his family millions of dollars off exclusive contracts with the Saudi Royal family.


Planck's Constant, For Gods Sake - Stop Helping Africa

It sounds dreadful to say it, but if the entire African continent dissolves into a seething maelstrom of disease, famine and brutality, that’s just too damn bad. We have better things to do--sometimes, you just have to say, "Can’t do anything about it.

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