Not Just the Veil - New Islamic Fashions

While some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia have their Religious Police enforcing the wearing of the abaya, Indonesia last week hosted the world's first ever fashion show of Islamic clothing.

Fashion Gates, First fashion show of Islamic clothing in Indonesia

The country is the world's most populous Muslim country and many of the religion's specific sartorial intricacies were featured on the catwalk including silky traditional dresses, long skirts and veils.

Indonesian batik outfits plus an array of colourful scarves and beadwork all had a turn on the runway, plus metallic gold or copper fabrics.

Musa Widyatmjo, supervisor of the Indonesian fashion designers' association, told Reuters: "Muslim fashion should not be identified with long, black, scary attire, but Muslim women can appear in nice, trendy, up-to-date fashion.

"Indonesia is a trendsetter for Muslim fashion, followed by Malaysia."

But let's hear some unadulterated crap about the real reason women must be covered up:

Aussie, Funky fare for Muslim fashionistas

I want Muslim women to wear Muslim fashion every day. It does not have to be Lebaran or any special occasions to wear Muslim fashion," said Jeny Tjahyawati, one of the eight designers who participated in the show, referring to the Muslim feast that marks the end of the fasting month.

"There are more and more women wearing Muslim fashion to parties. It can provide comfort since it is loose and it can also protect women from perverted men if they walk alone at night."

Some designers and models said modest Muslim clothing was appropriate to prevent crimes against women such as rape, touting an argument often used by clerics to convince women to cover up.

"To cover our head with a veil is a must. The veil must cover the forbidden parts. Women are priceless things, the more priceless she is, the more protection is given," said Samira Mochammad Bafagih, a 25-year-old fashion journalist.

"Men are not likely to seduce women in veils. Thus I feel more comfortable if I walk alone at night. I agree that women without veils are more likely to be seduced. There are quite many rape cases, aren't there?"

An Indonesian model presents a Muslim dress by Indonesian designer Ida Royani during Fashion Tendance 2007 in Jakarta November 28, 2006 REUTERS/Enny NuraheniWell, there you have it: it's women's fault they get raped. If you look at the model to the right you will have to conclude this pretty well should turn anyone off. But being turned on is not what motivates rapists. As we all now know, Rape is a crime of violence - not passion. Of power and anger - not sexual attraction. I have been sexually attracted to hundreds of women throughout my life, not one of whom had to be forced through physical violence to have sex with me.

What Muslim society needs to address is not women's fashion, but men's attitude towards women. If women were truly honored and respected they could walk naked in the street without fear of being attacked. Indeed, nudist colonies don't have a rape problem, unless of course they live near Muslims. So let's be honest, this is not a modesty issue - it's how Islam views women that promotes violence and rape against women. If Muslims want to be part of the modern world they need to ignore the Qur'an; that is to say, if you want to be a good American or good European, you cannot be a good Muslim.

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