The Carnival of Lights - Chanukah

Menorah (Hanukkiah)
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I have been asked by Adam's Blog to host a Carnival of Chanukah this year. Oy, Vey! How do I host something no one can spell? Hannukah, Hanukkah, Channuka, Chanukah, two k's or one? An 'h' on the end or no? For those looking for an authoritative answer: it doesn't matter, we know what you mean. Since Hebrew doesn't have vowels anything that sounds like HA-NU-KA is fine.

The first time I went to Israel I listened to "The Voice of Israel" on the radio and heard the announcer say, "Welcome to Kol Yisrael 1575 FM on your dial, but for you, 14.99." Only kidding.

If you are a blogger, I invite you to submit a post, photo, video, or even a quote about Chanukah or a Chanukah experience.


1) The post should be about Chanukah. You can talk about Christmas or other holidays but Chanukah must be the main focus.

2) You don't have to be Jewish to write about Chanukah just as you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy a bagel, but be respectful.

3) Posts should not be objectionable. My lack of moral character will not excuse yours.

4) No politicking.

5) Deadline: You have until Chanukah ends on Sundown, December 22nd to send your Carnival Submissions.

6) Linkbacks are appreciated but not required.

7) All Blogs are welcome to participate regardless of political, ethnic, racial, or religious affiliation.

8) I've never done this before, so bear with me. The last time I did something I've never done before I wound up married.

9) Promote the Carnival on Your Blog.

10) Carnival entries will be posted starting Dec 15th, the beginning of Chanukah.

You can submit your post using the Blog Carnival form. Posts that do not adhere to the guidelines above will not be allowed and there won't be an e-mail sent back.

UPDATE: The Carnival is now up at Chanukah 2006 - The Carnival of Lights and will be updating until Dec 22, 2006.

chanukah wallpaper
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