Islam`s war with itself

A group art show of six graduate young artists opened June 2006 at V.M Art Gallery in Karachi, Pakistan. Among the paintings on display the fiber art work titled "Narcissism" by Sabahat Nawaz really stands out, the artist used fiber in the form of fabrics, threads and strings on canvas to create a stunning display of colors, shapes and curves. [Karachi Metroblogging] (Click on image for larger view)

This all seems modern and civilized but in contrast:

Oman Tribune, Man’s ears, nose cut off in Pakistan

MULTAN (Pakistan) Armed men cut off the ears and nose of a Pakistani man after he and his family refused to hand over his wife, police said on Wednesday. The wife belonged to the armed men's group. The couple had married out of love.

The attackers also chopped the ears off the man's brother and severed his mother's hand.

Mohammed Iqbal's wife, Shehnaz, was not at home when about 15 armed members attacked in the central city of Multan on Tuesday, demanding she be turned over. "The assailants, who were armed with small arms, daggers and axes, tortured Iqbal and cut off his ears and nose when he refused to produce Shenhaz," Naeem-ul-Hassan, a deputy superintendent of police said.

"They dragged us on the floor and thrashed us before cutting our limbs," Mohammed Yasin, Iqbal's brother said from Nishtar hospital, where he was being treated along with his brother and mother.

Shehnaz married Iqbal last year and the couple left Multan along with Iqbal's family apparently for fear of reprisals from Shehnaz's relatives.

Seems Iqbal married out of his class and his wife's family decided to cut off his nose to spite his race. Such crimes, including honor killings, are very common in countries where marriages without the consent of the bride's families are forbidden by tribal and feudal tradition.

At first you may wonder why there is such a disconnect between the photo above and the photo right.

Armed men cut off the ears and nose of a Pakistani man who married one of their tribe for love after he and his family refused to hand over his wife, police said on Wednesday. REUTERS/Asim Tanveer Mohammad Iqbal (C), Mohammad Yasin (front) and their mother Manzooran (covered in brown blanket) are treated at a hospital in Multan January 3, 2007.

The truth is that this has been normal behaviour in this part of the country even before the invention of Islam 1400 years ago. Mohammed made it even easier by codifying and blessing these barbaric acts. Since then they have been cutting off noses and slashing the throats of their daughters without interference from anyone.

The Internet, however, shines a light on these dark evils. Many Pakistanis themselves see American movies, watch our TV shows, see our sexy ads for L'Oreal and want to live our life-style. Unfortunately, being sexy or marrying for love does not mix with Islam. In this instance, Marx was wrong, religion is not the opiate of the masses, in Islam religion is the amphetamine of the masses; nothing stirs a poor, ignorant person to anger and violence more than Islam. Rather than try to raise everyone to the level of modern civilization, Islam wants to bring everyone down to the same level of existence as goat-herders in Yemen.

Visit any Islamic website and you read the same bullcrap over and over: Islam is superior to modern civilization; Muslim homes usually have more than one parent (yeah, some homes have 5 parents and the reason there are more parents in Muslim homes is that the women can't leave for fear of torture or death); that there is less rape (actually they mean to say there are fewer rape convictions since you need 4 male or 8 female witnesses) because the women are more modestly dressed; that Islam is growing faster than any other religion because people see its beauty and truthiness (as if conversions at the point of a gun never happen); blah, blah, and merciful blessings and on and on, dealing out al-Taqiyya like cards in a crooked poker game.

Here are some billboards that lure Pakistanis into wanting a modern style of life but are in conflict with Islamic teachings. It will be interesting to see which culture eventually wins out. One thing for certain, both cannot co-exist for long.


The major roads, large shopping arcades, hospitals, prayer houses house these billboards everywhere in Lahore. The in vogue collective psyche these days has become one of 'maza karo-moj karo-masti karo'.

The ad babes with their smiles and waists lure the sight of a nation who as a rule and as a matter of tradition doesn't even believe in marrying with one's own choice. Mixed gathering are so very common yet are talked against about. Total hypocrisy has resulted in the crop of this new culture where existentialism meets our demands of body and mind at all levels and later we watch IRF (islamic research foundation) channel or QTV (Qur'an tv) channel to satisfy our hearts and minds that we are still adhering to the 'golden' principles of Islam and are a part of the 'great Islamic society'.

That society as a matter of plain and naked fact has died many decades ago and today we are only reaping what army and corrupt clergy and politicians sowed in post independence era.

In an unrelated Muslim matter, I changed my mind about Keith Ellison. I can't wait to see him vote for some unnecessary local project just so I can read this headline:

Muslim Congressman votes for PORK!

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