I`m from New Jersey - gotta problem wit dat?

I'm from new jersey diner

My attorney who is also from New Jersey emailed me this:

I'm from New Jersey

I understand that tomorrow means a couple days.
When I ask for a regular coffee, it automatically comes with milk and sugar.

There's more strip clubs than gas stations.
We don't jog in the park, we smoke there.

I sure as hell don't pump my own gas.

You always know where the weed's at!
There's always a liquor store that doesn't I.D.

If we like you - we share, if not, then f*ck you!
18 to party and 21 to drink really means bring extra money for the bouncer.

I know what real pizza tastes like & probably hate the pizza from your favorite pizza place.
Everyone knows at least one girl who's a stripper.

All good mornings begin with a bagel, all good nights end at a diner and of course all good parties end with a fight.
It's a SUB, not a grinder, a hero, or worse, a hoagie. what the hell is a grinder dammit?.

It's taylor ham, not pork roll or canadian bacon.
I go down to the shore not to the Beach.

Jersey girls are the best girls, just stay on their good side. I can spend countless hours on the boardwalk doing absolutely nothing... and still have fun.

My second and third homes are the malls and wawa parking lots are the best ones.
I may say some words with an accent, but at least I don't say "ya'll".

I judge people by what exit they are off the turnpike or the parkway.
I know 65mph really means 80.

My road rage is outta control, so don't piss me off.
When someone cuts me off, they get the horn and the finger.

Its pronounced NORK not Newark that's just gay.
When somebody tries to mimic a jersey accent I wanna take a bat to their head.

I know of a place or been in a scene of the Sopranos.
I know and understand the difference between North Jersey and South Jersey.

I know what the exact definition of a "Benny" is.
Only place you don't have to use the "New" part and people will still know where you
are talking about. E.g.: "Hampshire" wouldn't work, ya gotta say "New Hampshire" but sayin just "Jersey" - everyone knows.

The only state to have casinos, farms, beaches, cities, vacation resorts, mountains, and they are never any more than a 4 hour drive. Oh, and NYC and Philly are extremely close as well.

Here's a sampling of New Jersey:

scenes of New Jerseyscenes of New Jerseyscenes of New Jerseyscenes of New Jerseyscenes of New Jerseyscenes of New Jerseyscenes of New Jerseyscenes of New Jersey

Photo Credits:

Row 1: njguy, Wildwood New Jersey, IMG_9751, tvgasm,

Row 2: NJ.com, NJ Bowling Adventure, New Jersey, Goldman Sachs Tower - Tallest Building in New Jersey

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MoxieGrrrl, Excerpt: I'm from New Jersey, I don't expect too much - If the world ended today, I would adjust

Unofficial, but designated state song of the State of New Jersey by Assembly Bill No. 1602, Senate Bill No. 1164, Assembly Joint Resolution No. 29, and Senate Joint Resolution No. 18:

I'm from New Jersey

Words and Music by: Red Mascara

I know of a state that's a perfect playland with white sandy beaches by the sea;
With fun-filled mountains, lakes and parks, and folks with hospitality;
With historic towns where battles were fought, and presidents have made their home;
It's called New Jersey, and I toast and tout it wherever I may roam, cause...

I'm from New Jersey and I'm proud about it, I love the Garden State.
I'm from New Jersey and I want to shout it, I think it's simply great.
All of the other states throughout the nation may mean a lot to some;
But I wouldn't want another, Jersey is like no other, I'm glad that's where I'm from.

If you want glamour, try Atlantic City or Wildwood by the sea;
Then there is Trenton, Princeton, and Fort Monmouth, they all made history.
Each little town has got that certain something, from High Point to Cape May;
And some places like Mantoloking, Phillipsburg, or Hoboken will steal your heart away.

Well I took the following test and came out:

You Are 78% New Jersey!

You are definitely Jersey. Well done, my friend. You are most likely from this great state, and you fit right in. Odds are, you love being Jersey!

How New Jersey Are You?
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