My First Blogiversary

1st anniversary mosaic

This is my 483rd blog post and the first anniversary of Planck's Constant. I want to thank all my readers, the ones who like coming here and even those who hate reading me. No one enjoys going to the dentist but it's good for you, so to all my liberal and Muslim readers I say, I know it hurts to read the truth, but in the end, it's good for you.

Last January I averaged about 30 readers a day. According to sitemeter the average now is about 1900 visitors per day. This past year there have been 280,000 visitors with over 544,000 page views. No tree had to die to write this blog. [Not that it matters, but there are more trees now in America than in the past 10,000 years]

According to The Truth Laid Bear Planck's is in the top 500 by traffic, although he has yet to update that page.

What really counts more than links and traffic stats are the wonderful readers who have left gracious and kind remarks and helpful suggestions as well. I haven't met any of you in person, but that doesn't mean I don't have warm feelings for all of you in my heart. Reading your blogs has exposed more of what you are than simple physical contact could ever reveal. And what a bunch of interesting bloggers you are!

I can't wait to see how this second year turns out.

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