Now a time for perspective on our occupation

the US Military cemetery, where 9300 US soldiers and 1500 unknown soldiers are buried, who where killed during the invasion in Normandy (france) in WW II. This site is near Omaha Beach, the code name for the beach where they landed to fight their way to (our) freedom. We are very grateful.
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I think it important that at the beginning of a New Year we reflect on past events and bring perspective to them now that some time has passed.

Here is what happened before 2007:

We were viciously and without provocation attacked on American soil by enemies using airplanes which resulted in the deaths of thousands of our citizens. Even until today some of those bodies have not been recovered (1).

We responded by declaring war not only on those who directly attacked us but also on those who had any ties however tenuous to the attackers. There were accusations that we were led into war by American Zionists (2) whose efforts in the UK forced England to join us in the fight.

Aside from attacking those directly responsible we also invaded a country that never attacked us directly and who seemingly posed no direct threat to us. There were rumors that they were involved in WMD and in making nuclear weapons, although after their defeat it was found they were far from actually building an atomic bomb (3).

France decided to sit the war out although that did not prevent Paris from almost being burned to the ground (4).

After defeating this enemy that never attacked us directly we occupied their country for a period far longer than it took to defeat them militarily. The cost of the occupation is in the billions and yet we remain there as foreign army in a country that is hostile to us and whose citizens have a lower opinion of us with each passing year, despite the fact that we have been there only to ensure their becoming a democracy (5).

Every day newspapers would carry the number of war dead. Indeed, more died after the initial attack than during it.

There were even some who said this was all for controlling oil (6) or was big oil in conspiracy with Jewish bankers from New York for world domination (6a)

Conspiracy theorists posited the notion that our President knew about the attack well in advance (7).

There were trials of crimes against humanity and after being found guilty, the war criminals were hanged in the very same country in which they perpetrated their evil. The trials themselves were questioned as to fairness (8).

Why we are still in Germany completely baffles me, although Beerfest Madness may have something to do with it.

If you still haven't figured it out, all the above points refer to our involvement in World War II, not to Iraq, Saddam Hussein, or Muslims.


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