Eye Tests for Men

optical illusion

Here's an experiment: Click on this image - but don't look at it yet. First, take a big swig of vodka, spin around quickly 10 times, then stare at the image for about 20 seconds. You should immediately vomit and then pass out. I just saved you about 60 bucks and a night out at the pub. When you come to, you will have a terrible hangover but be pleased with yourself that

  1. You saved money
  2. You didn't wake up with a transexual named Daniela
  3. a video of you drunk and half-naked isn't circulating on YouTube
  4. Your car is not stuck in a tree
  5. You didn't wind up married to Paris Hilton

jewish eye chartBut I promised you an eye test, however you have to be over 18: Take this eye test for Men Only. I have to admit publicly that I failed this test the first 613 times.

Links to other optical illusions: here, and here. Find out cool things about color and light.

This Yiddish Eye-Test Chart [American, late 19th, early 20th century] sold for $8,050.

There is no need for Arabic eye-charts since Muslims see Jews behind everything anyway.

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