Sports Balls and Corporate Structure

With so many new immigrants coming to this country I thought it would be a public service to inform our new potential citizens of how playing sports relates to corporate structure. I have embellished this Internet email with photos from Flickr.

The sport of choice for the urban poor: BASKETBALL

The sport of choice for maintenance level employees: BOWLING

The sport of choice for front-line workers: FOOTBALL


The sport of choice for supervisors: BASEBALL

The sport of choice for middle management: TENNIS

Golf ball
Golf ball
Flickr-User: Twilton

The sport of choice for corporate executives and officers: GOLF

The Conclusion:

sports balls

The higher you go in the corporate structure, the smaller your balls become.

blue marble
blue marble
Flickr-User: leefly

I, on the other hand, still like to play with marbles. The only person who plays with anything smaller is the Pope with his Rosary Beads.

Here are some interesting sports photos:

sports mosaic

1. Beauty Football 12, 2. Band football (2/2), 3. Big football,
4. Canadian Football Hall of Fame, 5. baseball, 6. Air,
7. after competition, 8. :D, 9. White and green

Disclaimer: All pictures are found on Flickr and are © to Flickr itself and to their uploaders. Flickr Mosaic made with Mosaic Maker

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