Why I make fun of Islam

I make fun of Islam for the same reason that a dog licks himself: because he can. Unfortunately Muslims cannot make fun of Islam: We recall the court case against two journalists accused of defaming Islam and damaging public morality in Morocco in their article published on December 9 titled, "Jokes: How Moroccans laugh at religion, sex and politics." (1) The editor and one of the reporters of the weekly Arabic-language magazine are not laughing. In Morocco, attacking religion is one of the most serious offensive acts a journalist can commit.

Here is one of the jokes that could hang them:

eatbees Blog, Censorship 2: The Jokes in English

A young woman wearing a miniskirt walks into the office of a bearded Islamist. He asks her, “Where did you get that?” She replies, “I bought it in Spain.” The Islamist answers her, “Take off the Crusaders’ clothing.” She takes off her skirt. The Islamist tells her, “Now embrace Islam.” The young woman embraces him. Then the Islamist asks her, “Sit down on the Pedestal of Faith.”

I am providing a service to Muslims all over the world that might have a sense of humor, however few there may be, so that they too, can laugh at themselves. If they attempted to do this themselves, they would be attacked and perhaps even killed by fellow Muslims. I don't ask for gratitude or appreciation for all my efforts. If I put a smile on one poor, persecuted Muslim then I am satisfied.

How to tell if you're a Muslim:

  • If you and your wife fight over the remote, and it's to a detonator, you could be a Muslim.

  • If you write love letters starting off with "I'm in love with ewe", you could be a Muslim.

  • If you go to a barbecue and your former neighbor is on the spit, you could be a Muslim.

  • If you buy a vest and wear it only once, you could be a Muslim.

  • If you're afraid of overeating because you may explode, you could be a Muslim.

  • If your camel is prettier than your sister, you could be a Muslim.

  • If you squint and hold your ears every time the cellphone rings, you could be a Muslim.

  • If you secretly visit Plank's Constant for pix of naked little girls, you could be a Muslim.

  • If your closet has 6 sets of camouflage clothing, you could be a Muslim.

  • If you would rather have your children die than get your Qur'an dirty, you could be a Muslim.
  • If you look at this photo and say, "Nice Camel!", you could be a Muslim.

And, yes, I know Muslims do laugh very often: especially watching 9/11 videos.


FaithFreedom, Why Mock Islam

Ridicule Islam and ridicule those who defend it. Put to shame the appeasers and the useful idiots even if their name is Charles Windsor or Bill Clinton. Expose the stupidity of Islam and laugh at its ignorant supporters.

Islam will become history once the asininity of it becomes so obvious that any person with intelligence feels embarrassed associating himself with it or defending it.

In not a very distant future, calling a person "Muslim" will be seen as an insult and one could be seriously offended if he is called that, just as today one is offended if he is called a "Nazi".

Gates of Vienna - Palestinian Jokes, Excerpt;

An American, an Israeli, and a Palestinian are marooned on a desert island.

The American goes to one side of the island and builds a church.

The Israeli goes to the other side of the island and builds a synagogue.

The Palestinian goes, "BOOM!”




Moroccan Arab magazine Nichane
Moroccan Arab magazine Nichane
Photo Credit: Mshjiouij

Closer, “Jokes: How Moroccans laugh at religion, sex and politics”

Jokes are a serious matter and it can become awkward when some people don’t laugh at your jokes. The Moroccan Arab magazine Nichane [website now defunct] ran a cover story about the role of jokes while sharing a few with readers. The jokes that were deemed particularly offensive were the ones dealing with religion. Jokes you can actually here everywhere and therefore nothing new. The article was written by Sanaa al Aji. A lawsuit has been filed against her and the magazine’s director for “insult to the Islamic faith” and “publication and distribution of writings that are contrary to the morals and mores” of the country. The cover story brings harm [to] the fundamental values of the Moroccan society, all the more reason that these values constitute the basis of cohesion between the various components of the Moroccan people.

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