Why They Hate Us- No not the Muslims

I'm talking about Democrats. Why do they hate this country so much?:

Hugh Hewitt, 18 Jan 2007, The Most Depressing Poll Ever

In a recent poll Democrats were asked: Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?

Here are the results:

YesNoDon't Know

Friends, I’ll allow you a minute to wrap your minds around this, for we are truly through the looking class. Even though we have some 150,000 troops in harm’s way and we universally profess to "support the troops,” over ⅓ of our society either wants them to fail or doesn’t know if they want them to succeed.

Imagine for a moment that your son wants to marry a girl you think is wrong for him because she is an elf. Despite your advice that it would be a mistake your son goes ahead and marries her. Here's the question: would you rather that the marriage fail just so you could say I told you so, or would you want it to succeed so your son could be happy?

If you are a low-life scumbag like these 49% of Democrats who either want us to fail or don't care, then you picked for your son's marriage to fail and you did it because in truth you hate your son and despise his very existence. If there is another explanation, let me know.

Disclaimer: I apologize to used condoms everywhere that I called these democrats scumbags, but this is a family blog and I cannot call them what they really are.

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