Tasty, Hasty Pudding Award for Scarlett Johansson

scarlett johansson hasty pudding award

It's been more than a few months since my last Scarlett Johansson post, Scarlett Johansson and Jean Harlow and because more than 200 visitors a day visit my Scarlett Johansson archives, I feel it would be wrong for me to keep them waiting for a new article.

It was freezing in Cambridge Massachusetts last Friday (Feb 16 2007) while Scarlett Johansson led a parade of hundreds of locals and students, some in drag, on her way to receive Harvard University's annual irreverent Hasty Pudding Theatricals award. Some of the troupe's dozen members in the parade admitted their skimpy costumes were ill-suited to the weather. "I had second thoughts about these heels," said Brian Polk, 19, of San Diego, who was dressed in a floor-length gown, wig and high-heeled shoes. "I can't even dance in them, let alone walk on ice."

Johansson, wearing a coat over conservative black pants and top, told reporters she admired the actors for going on with the show. "I wouldn't be caught dead in a bra and panties on a day like this," she said. [Ahhhh, those are the days I look for]

"Everything I ever dreamed of when I was a little girl is happening to me right now," the 22 year old actress joked as two of the male members of the theatrical troupe (see first photo in my gallery collection below) kissed her while she rode down Massachusetts Avenue in the back of a Bentley convertible. The troupe anointed Scarlett as its Woman of the Year for her "lasting and impressive achievement to the world of entertainment". Her big boobies should have won an honorable mention.

Following her parade, the blonde star participated in a mock exam and was then guest of honour at a roast in Harvard's Agassiz Theatre, where she received the famous 'Pudding Pot'. Normally these feasts are held at the Hasty Pudding Theater which is now in its second year of renovations.

In contrast to recent celebrity train-wrecks that don't know how to handle pot, a grateful Scarlett is seen here lovingly holding the golden pudding pot. She was playfully subjected to a series of light-hearted jibes about her age, her curvaceous figure and her habit of starring alongside older men. She was given a Hasty Pudding Mock SAT Math exam: "What is the average age of a person you’re willing to make out with?” to which she replied, "it depends on how much champagne we’ve had that night.” Seems like the correct answer to me.

On collecting her award, Scarlett said: "Thank you so much for this fabulous golden pot. It's been such a wonderful day. This is the closest I'll ever get to a Harvard degree for sure," she said as she hoisted her pudding pot. (The actress, who did not attend college, noted that her mother still pesters her about seeking higher education)

Scarlett had some favorable comments to make regarding the quality of the males that she encountered at Harvard: "Everybody is very, very charming,” she said. "It’s the first time I’ve seen so many 21-year-old men in suit and tie, and I don’t know whether I like them better in suit and tie or stockings.”

Actor Ben Stiller, the troupe's pick for Man of the Year, will be honoured next week.

The Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award has been awarded annually by the society members since 1951.

The Hasty Pudding Theatrical Group

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