If only Muslims were Raelians

raelian intelligent design
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A tip of the turban Hat Tip to reader H.I. for reminding us that the Raelian Religion is more fun than Islam:

For those of you who don’t know, the Raelians are an organization — some would say "alien sex cult” — that believes in scientific creationism — that "aliens” came to this planet and manipulated primitive DNA in order to create humans. In 1973, French journalist Claude Vorilhon (who now goes by "Rael”) was contacted by a small alien being who told him that their race, the Elohim ("those who came from the sky”, as described in Genesis), had been the ones who had created human life on Earth, and that mankind had mistaken them for gods and built religions around them. Because of the moon landing, they felt we were mature enough to hear the truth, and dictated the Raelian message.

Sadly, the Raelian movement only has about 65,000 members in 86 countries (1). I mean how great is this religion when its founder meets with Hugh Hefner?

I have been advocating that we destroy the fake religion known as Islam for quite some time. If the extremist Islamists continue with their plans for a world Caliphate there will come a time when the western world will be forced to invade one Muslim country after another and make it illegal to practice Islam. The question becomes what will 1.5 billion former Muslims believe in when the practice of Islam is outlawed? My suggestion is the Raelian Religion.

Instead of these:

islamic protests cartoons

wouldn't we rather have these?

sexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelianssexy nearly nude raelians

Click on any panel for larger view.

Photo credits: Center: body painting in insadong

Clockwise starting from top left corner: the raelian movement, Rael: you've been warned!, Rael: course we will, rael4, The Raelians flying saucer, rael2, rael5, rael10, rael9, Rael Hitler, Raelian's pimpmobile, Raelian Movement Poster.

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Here are videos explaining the Raelian Religion and a photo gallery.

Sceptical Inquirer [July-August 2002], Rise of the Raelians: flying saucers, science, sex, and religion

In 1998 Vorilhon announced to his followers that the alien creators of Earth would soon return to Earth and it was necessary to expedite preparations for this second coming. One of the essential first steps was the recruitment of a number of young women members into the Order of the Angels to serve as hostesses and sexual mates for the arriving progenitors of humans. Within this order was a select group who agreed only to sleep with the aliens and their prophets, including of course Vorilhon. Vorilhon, however, emphasizes that the angels are under no pressure to sleep with him, since the Raelians teach sexual freedom and not coercion.

Welcome to the home of Jediism

Aliens in the Bible

The Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, Excerpt: Blessed are we who live sincerely and in such a way that we gain the right to Cannabis, the tree of life and find peace of mind and heaven within.

Gods of Japan

Legal Threats for Spoof Cruise/Scientology Site, Excerpt: "A Web site satirizing Tom Cruise's affiliation to the Church of Scientology through spoof videos and commentary could face closure as religious officials threaten legal action."

Greek Gods Family Tree



Human Rights Without Frontiers, The Raelian Movement

Statistics on the number of its adherents in the world are variable according to the sources: 28,000 according to Alain Allemand, journalist at the Belgian daily paper Le Soir, 35,000 scattered over 85 countries according to the Raelian flyer "Le raëlisme, religion athée de l'an 2000" (Raelism, atheistic religion of the year 2000) published in French, 40,000 according to Yves Nawezi, a Belgian Raelian priest. Raelians are most numerous in France (5,000-6,000), Quebec (4000) and Japan (4000).

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