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liberal idiots run digg
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Go up to a liberal idiot and say, "An idiot says what". When they say "What?" you laugh at how stupid they really are. Only a few hours after I wrote DIGG is Filled with Liberal Idiots it had gotten 104 DIGGS and then died an ignoble death, buried by whining, cry-baby, liberal idiots who only proved that they indeed cannot take disagreement, or criticism.

So what happened? Did I hurt their feelings? Did the truth hurt? Did any single liberal bother to confront me intellectually and leave a comment to prove that my article was wrong? Obviously not. I never delete comments just because someone disagrees with me, even if they call me a right wing nut-job or a bigot. Never. I not only can dish it out, I can take it. Sadly, liberals cannot allow ideas that they disagree with to see the light of day. They simply cannot take it.

How pitiable and sad it must be to be a liberal.


[ReeVerb] Digg’s Bury Feature Needs a Funeral, Excerpt: Digg’s "Bury” feature is causing quite a stir. There are many users who believe that groups of people looking to push a particular agenda are collectively burying opposing views on Digg.

[Inside Social News] ‘Who Buried It’ is a Bad Idea, Excerpt:

The ‘Buried Stories Bin’. I have been writing about this for a while now. Basically it would be where buried stories go once they are removed from the homepage. Instead of disappearing into the shadows, they would go here, as sort of a back page to Digg. Here is an excerpt from the Digg blog:
"Shortly after the next major launch of digg (v3.1), reported stories will fall into a ‘buried stories’ bin. Users will have the ability to pick through this story bin and vote to have a story reinstated should they believe it was falsely reported.”

[Independent Conservative] - Diggbats, Controlling What you See on Digg.com. One Bury at a Time!, Excerpt:
I guess I’m not to only one who realizes what the Liberals are trying to do over at Digg.com. I never blogged about it here, because I know the truth gets out regardless of efforts to suppress it, but I might as well chime in about it now that others are speaking up.

A while back Michelle Malkin mentioned that while Digg.com was a site with great, potential it seemed Conservative views were not getting much play and encouraged Conservative bloggers to start submitting material there. I jumped in and have been submitting some of my posts, along with other articles I like. While my traffic counters and even the visible responses on Digg indicate that there is a desire for a view like mine to be shared, I’ve noticed that much of my Conservative material disappears from Digg.com. It does not disappear completely, but is "buried” from general viewing. So while people who come to my blog can still "Digg” a post they like, people who enter Digg.com never see it.


[The Political Pit Bull] - The Digg Wars, Excerpt: Well, before they were just burying them. Now they are marking posts from Conservative blogs as "Spam". Why? Too many people claim its spam, and the site gets blacklisted. Those liberals, and their fight for freedom of speech....Oh, wait, wer're Conservatives, not terrorists. We don't get the same rights.

[Hot Air] - Diggbats busily burying Hot Air posts as spam, Excerpt: The Digg Spy page really is fun if you’re looking for a timewaster. Like Charles says, "it’s a real-time view of normally hidden left-wing totalitarian tactics.”

gop3.com has some interesting techniques in being more DIGG-smart, read 4 Steps to Increased Conservative Influence (through Digg)

[IMAO] The Tyranny of Those with Too Much Time on Their Hands, Excerpt: The same sort of thing going on at Digg has happened with YouTube and any entry on controversial topic on Wikipedia. What conservatives face here is more a force of nature. The people who rule the internet will always be those with the most spare time on their hands, and liberal weenies are always going to have an excess of spare time (why do you think they are the ones who do protests?). This isn't a battle we can win, and I think it's a waste of time to fight it.

[TechCrunch] - Digg Upgrades Spam Armor, Unblocks Sites, Excerpt: Based on a conversation I had with Digg founder Kevin Rose recently, Digg thinks they are winning the war over the problem of "grouping” behavior (where groups of Digg accounts are controlled or effectively controlled by a person or group and can push stories to the home page). The changes they’ve made to Digg over the last few months, Rose says, allow them to monitor grouping behavior and stop it before it can drive a story to the home page. Thus, there is no real need to ban any particular site from Digg. They are confident that if a story from a previously banned site makes it to the home page, it deserves to be there.

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