New Google-type search: Moogle

I have never used the phrase "great googly moogly," but in coming across it recently it made me think if there were other things on the Internet rhyming with "Google" in terms of search.

We all know about Froogle:


but here are a few lesser known oogles:


The Irish search engine doogle has almost 12 pages in its index.

gahooyoogle - search google and yahoo

Gahooyoogle searches both google and yahoo at the same time. They say that 70% of the results are different from each other. I tried "Topless beach copacabana" and noted my article on topless beaches came in number 9 in search results from yahoo and number 2 in google search. Interesting.

Scarlett Johansson is a loogle (person with a nice butt and pair of boobs to match).

Although loogle is no search engine, it is a nice thing to find.

scarlett johansson: loogle

Koogle® was the brand name for a flavored peanut butter marketed by Kraft Foods in the 1970s available in four flavors: chocolate, cinnamon, banana, and vanilla, none of which tasted like the traditional Jewish dessert Kugel.

koogle brand peanut butter

poogle - poo search

Poogle [now defunct] is a search engine for poo, yes poo - but only poo. I put in a request for Hillery Clinton expecting to get back some liberal crap, but the search engine missed its chance to be a generator of humor and is strictly for the real stuff, yuck!

qoogle - a YouTube video finder

You may want to bookmark Qoogle [now defunct] - it's a search engine for videos on youtube. Put in topless and you'll quickly get back thousands of listings which you can get sorted by relevance | date | view count or rating. A most excellent tool.

toogle - word to image

Toogle is an image searcher that renders the found image with the search term repeated over and over. Here for example is the result of searching for "Kerry".

toogle - word to image for john kerry

Again, this search engine missed its chance to be more useful for bloggers had it rendered the image above entirely from the words "defeatist liberal idiot coward appeaser".

zoogle greek search

Zoogle is a handy search engine if you are visiting Greeece. I tried inputting "muslims doing it greek style with goats" but only got back a listing for hotels. Muslim tourists must have a hell of a time getting those goats into hotel elevators. This must be the reason that Arabs invented tents, one of the very few things Muslims ever invented. I tease, Jabal invented tents before there were Jews or Arabs.

Reading about all these oogles gave me an idea that perhaps what the Muslim world needs is Moogle, a Muslim search engine. It must be very frustrating for Muslims to use ordinary google and search for "the greatest number of Nobel Prize winners" and get back the answer: Jews. Or search for "who made the greatest advances in the civilized world" and get back the answer: Jews. Or search for "The Arab Contribution to Civilization" and get back the answer: Nothing Lately.

So in the spirit of fair play, just as we would let a retarded cousin win at monopoly once in a while, I suggest that google make a special search engine called MOOGLE:

moogle for muslims

In this manner, Muslims can look up "Jews" and get back the answer "apes and pigs".

Or they can search for "Is Osama bin Laden responsible for 9/11" and get back: "it is NOT Osama -- it's really Irving Schmidlap of Hamden, Connecticut doing the tapes while he puts the finishing touches on his daughter Gloria's bat mitzvah."

Or they can search for "Israelis fix access path near Temple Mount" and get back "Israeli army blows up ancient Muslim graveyard under al-Aqsa Mosque."

Or they can search for "Islamic Terror" and get back "Religion of Peace"

Or they can search for "innocent Muslim children" and get back "IEDs"

Or they can search for "Free Speech" and get back "Anti-Muslim Crime"

It is important for us not to hurt the feelings of Muslims because we know what happens when their feelings are hurt:

They protest peacefully about cartoons

They have Christians come over for a barbeque

They ask the Pope to get into a dialogue to discuss differences of opinion

They protest peacefully when someone is elected that disagrees with them.

They ask French police to be more considerate when arresting youths of north african descent

They ask unveiled non-Muslim women to please be more modest when around Muslims.

[To find more words I made up click here]


Where are search engines headed? - Read Evolution of a Search Engine, Excerpt: There may come the day when the search engine will not be programmed by humans anymore. It has become a self-sufficient, self-learning, all-encompassing entity. It may even be able to tell the future; not through magic, but by careful scientific analysis. Neither will it be understood anymore by its own developers. It may be merely superficially controlled, and physically monitored to ensure a healthy machinery.

yahoo search blog [dead link] - Connecting People to the World’s Knowledge through Social Search, Excerpt: Search has increasingly become better at refining raw information into ever more useful materials. The powerful blend of Social Search with traditional search puts this material into the hands of real people and also creates something that no machine could really ever reproduce: A connection to the world’s knowledge.

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