China`s one Child Rule and unintended consequences

By 2020, China's government predicts there will be 30 million more men than women - an unintended consequence of the strict one child policy.

However, there are exceptions: the government allows rural families to have two children and ethnic minorities to have three and recently has permitted couples where both spouses are only children to have two offspring to spread the burden of taking care of grandparents and parents when they retire.

In a culture that values males more than females, many parents opt for sex-selective abortions and infanticide to ensure their only child is a boy, leading to a birth rate of 118 boys, for every 100 girls. ( the average for industrialized countries is between 104 and 107 boys for every 100 girls.)

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Another unintended consequence will be Chinese men importing foreign women to become their wives. Presently, of the major world powers, China is the least ethnically diverse of nations. Now, millions of foreigners will be coming into China; perhaps hundreds of millions as the average citizen becomes wealthier and more able to afford abortion. What the affect of that will be on the social fabric of Chinese culture is not easy to predict.

The one-child policy will not change but Chinese authorities have vowed to take tough measures to control fetus gender testing and sex-selective abortions to hold back the rising sex ratio imbalance.

If the average Chinese citizen ever becomes as well off as Europeans or Americans, they will not need a one-child only policy since well-educated, well-off westerners average less than one child per couple anyway.

But if China does not make it easy for the average Djoh to get married, there will certainly be more violence against women through kidnapping, rape, and forced sex-workers.


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Laura Ingraham - Laura the China Problem

Since girls are considered bad luck, expectant mothers have been using ultrasound equipment to determine an unborn baby's gender, and aborting if the fetus is female. China's solution to the problem is typically totalitarian: it's now illegal to try and find out the sex of an unborn child.

Choosing Baby's Gender:

New York Times,
Girl or Boy? As Fertility Technology Advances, So Does an Ethical Debate

If people want to choose their baby’s sex before pregnancy, should doctors help? Some parents would love the chance to decide, while others wouldn’t dream of meddling with nature. The medical world is also divided. Professional groups say sex selection is allowable in certain situations, but differ as to which ones. Meanwhile, it’s not illegal, and some doctors are already cashing in on the demand.

China is brutal in controlling their quota:

Washington Post, 27 Aug 2005,
Who Controls the Family?

Since March, the farmers said, local authorities had been raiding the homes of families with two children and demanding at least one parent be sterilized. Women pregnant with a third child were forced to have abortions. And if people tried to hide, the officials jailed their relatives and neighbors, beating them and holding them hostage until the fugitives turned themselves in.

It's easy to adopt a child from China:

Why adopt a child from China?

Children are available who have been abandoned for economic reasons, and not drugs, etc. Of course, many children are abandoned for medical reasons (cleft lip and cleft palate are common in abandoned children), but there is no reason to think there would be an increased risk of behavior problems. About the same odds as for a kid of my own.

You adopt your child in a legal proceeding in China. For residents of most states, there are no U.S. legal proceedings other than naturalization.

References: Preconception Gender Selection for Nonmedical Reasons (pdf)

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