13 Mailboxes


I haven't mailed a letter in years. That's right, years. What can't be scanned and emailed? What can't be paid for over the Internet? Someday mailboxes may go the way of buggy whips, although most of you have no idea what a buggy whip looks like. So before they disappear, let's look at 13 mailboxes.

mailbox mosaic

1. Old Milk Churn Mail Box, 2. Cow Mail Box Left Side, 3. God's Mailbox - P.O. Box Salvation Mountain,
4. Mail box HDR, 5. Big Boy says you've got mail 1, 6. ≈ mailbox mudra ≈,
7. SF Dec 2003 mail box Sebastapol, 8. Cow Mail Box Right Side, 9. mail_deer,
10. Folk Art Mail Box, 11. Pump Box, 12. Ninja turtle mail box?

Disclaimer: All pictures are found on Flickr and are © to Flickr itself and to their uploaders. Flickr Mosaic made with Mosaic Maker

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