HOAX: Israeli soldiers unleash a dog on an elderly Palestinian woman

Here's a simple video: we have what appears to be a Palestinian woman, although she could be a Moroccan Jew, they dress alike; we also have a dog attacking her and Israeli soldiers who are trying to disengage the dog's grip on her arm.

HOAX: Israeli soldiers unleash a dog on an elderly Palestinian woman
Photo Credit: China Daily

China Daily [via Reuters] reported this on March 22 2007:

An Israeli army dog attacks Yusra Rabayaa, a Palestinian woman, during an Israeli army raid in the West Bank village of Obadiyah, near Bethlehem, March 21, 2007. The dog was supposed to enter a Palestinian house before Israeli soldiers during a search for a wanted militant, but attacked the female bystander, witnesses said.

So what do gullible, America-hating, useful idiots and pro-terrorist blogs make of this?

Blogger Roads to Iraq screams:

Israeli soldiers unleash a dog on an elderly Palestinian woman.

There are a number of problems if you look closely.

Problem 1: The Israeli soldiers are running up to help this woman. If they purposely set the dog on her, what's the rush?

Problem 2: If you watch the video [since removed by the user], you will see that the soldiers cannot make the dog loosen its grip on the woman's arm. If this were a trained police dog it would have responded to commands.

Problem 3: We see one of the soldiers kicking the dog in its face. If they sicced the dog on her why would they treat this animal like a junkyard dog?

Problem 4: After they got the dog off of her, one of the soldiers put his hand on her shoulders in a comforting way, not as one would to a hated enemy.

Problem 5: I couldn't see a leash on either the dog or the soldier holding the dog. If he just sicced the dog on her why isn't he holding the leash?

Problem 6: This is almost irrelevant, but the woman is certainly not elderly, her movements, face and body shape are of a woman in her twenties or thirties. "Elderly Woman" has a better propaganda ring to it, don't you think?

and lastly, look at this photo of an Israeli military k9 handler (ignore the fact she's being kissed):

israel military k9
Flickr-User: Niv Calderon

Israeli Military K9 handlers wear protective gloves. Look at the photo at the top of this post. Where are his?

I'm not a detective but if I were I'm sure I would spot a dozen other inconsistencies with the allegation of a purposeful attack. For all we know this is a loose Palestinian dog. For all we know, a conveniently placed video camera is waiting for this poor woman who comes by this spot every day and a wild dog is sicced on her by Palestinians who care about women as much as they do about their own children. For all we know, these might even be Hamas in Israeli uniforms. We do know one thing: it doesn't make any sense to sicc a dog on someone only to have to kick your own dog in its face to make it let go.

Blogger Voice from North [original link rotted] attributes the photo to Reuters/Nayef Hashlamoun. Nayef is a well-known photographer in the West Bank. How lucky and convenient to have been there at the time.

Chalk this one up to blatant if not staged propaganda that only works on those with limited intelligence. The Muslim world has no real crimes to attack Israel with and what could be a simple accident is the best they can come up with.

Some sites such as American Intifada claim that one of the photos is (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer), so it's difficult to ascertain who really took these photos or if multiple news agencies just happened to be available for this photo shoot.

Imemc News reported that the Palestinian woman is the sister of Daoud Rabai'a, 29, said to be an activist for the Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah.

Most of the Pro-Palestinian blogs lament that no one in the West will see these photos because no one will publish them here. Not so, I did.

Related Hoaxes:

Planck's Constant,
More than 6 million Palestinians died since 2000

talking to locals instead of Hospitals and Morgues, Hassan Gotefakkir, Information Minister of the Palestinian National Authority, has calculated that over six million Palestinians have died since the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000. Indeed, Hassan is quoted as saying, "I personally have been to the funeral of Abu Moustash at least 8 times. If Abu would only stop falling out of the pall we could finally bury him." [See video especially at the 5:49 time mark]

Planck's Constant,
Hezbollah held children until they could be blown up

But the average reader may ask, "This is so patently staged, does Hezbollah actually think anyone will believe this nonsense?" The truth of the matter is that although this orchestrated "massacre" will not be taken seriously by any intelligent person, this was not designed for them. This was made for ignorant morons and Muslims who will believe any allegation of atrocity against Israel or the US if just only shown some photos, photoshopped or staged.

Here is proof of flagrant stagings of Israeli aggrssions against Palestinians. This is Pallywood:

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