How to shut somebody the F Up

Here's the problem:

You're trying to read the in-flight magazine or just quietly enjoy listening to The Jim Dorsey Band's rendition of "Green Eyes" on your iPod when the guy sitting next to you on the plane starts talking to you, won't shut up or stop yammering.

So what to do?

Simply follow these easy directions:

  1. very calmly open your laptop case

  2. quietly and calmly get the laptop out of your case

  3. power the laptop up

  4. make sure that your neighbor can see the screen

  5. close your eyes

  6. lift your head to heaven

  7. move your lips as if you are praying

  8. Click Here

  9. and

  10. Yell out "Allah Akbar"


[gadling] - What Is The Most Annoying Airplane Etiquette Violation?

  1. Incessant talker

  2. Rapid recliner

  3. Armrest hog

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