OTA - Gates of Vienna

This week we take the colors from Gates of Vienna.

Welcome to Open Trackback Tuesdays: I pick a blogger from my blogroll and, using the colors of that blogger's weblog, find photographic matches for those colors. The first photo in the upper left corner in this mosaic is a small screenshot from the home page of Gates of Vienna.

Mosaic Gates of Vienna

1. gates, 2. Beacon, 3. LEON DEL ATLAS O BEREBER THIS PHOTO VIEWED 3728 TIMES!!!! WOWO, 4. روم المعالي ياعبيّد وترقا,
5. Paper Clips, 6. GOLD, 7. Amy, 8. Preso...,
9. scarlett johansson gallery, 10. Time, 11. Monks Not Dead, 12. 2007_0316stephaniebeach0048,
13. Under sky..., 14. [Trees/sky I], 15. 11th March, 16. egret egret burning bright in the sky,
17. The Happy Couple, 18. ., 19. Wall o' rocks, 20. Utopia

The rest of the images are taken from Flickr, and chosen simply because I love eye candy. Which is why there is always at least one image of a half-clad and nearly naked woman in blogroll mosaics (gratuitous keyword slinging strictly for traffic-whoring).

Disclaimer: All pictures are found on Flickr and are © to Flickr itself and to their uploaders. Flickr Mosaic made with Mosaic Maker and Krazydad's Colr Pickr

To see all of my blogroll mosaics click here.

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