The Kentucky Fried Chicken Cure for AIDS

Valgplakat for APRC
Valgplakat for APRC
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In my previous post For God's Sake - Stop helping Africa, I begged the developed nations to stop all aid to Africa to stem the tide of misery and hunger in that continent. Just when I thought there was no hope for curing the problems of Africa, along comes another idiot African Leader with a cure for AIDS:

BANJUL, Gambia (CNN) -- At the only hospital in the capital of this tiny West African nation, a 3-year-old AIDS patient named Suleiman receives his daily dose of medication -- a murky brown concoction of seven herbs and spices served out of a bottle that once contained pancake syrup.

The boy is told a spoonful a day will make him better. His mother, Fatuma, takes the same concoction, as do several dozen other AIDS and HIV patients here. Adults take two spoonfuls.

"It's amazing," Fatuma says. "Two weeks ago, I was very ill, weak and couldn't eat without vomiting."

This has become the treatment for HIV/AIDS patients here since early January, when Gambian President Yahya Jammeh announced he had discovered a cure for the disease that has wreaked havoc across Africa. He made that announcement in front of a group of foreign diplomats, telling them the treatment was revealed to him by his ancestors in a dream.

CNN, In Gambia, AIDS cure or false hope?

The operative phrase here is "a murky brown concoction of seven herbs and spices". It is obvious that Colonel Sanders, not wanting to give out the entire secret of his world famous chicken recipe, gave President Yahya Jammeh only a partial list of the ingredients. Jammeh added some recitations from the Qur'an and the administration of a banana along with a spoonful of the herb mixture. Medical professionals are skeptical since the administration of a banana is probably one of the reasons the patient has AIDS to begin with.

Africa is infested with faith-healers with each one promoting his own homemade elixir for HIV/AIDS, which could interfere with a given patient's antiretroviral drug therapy. Jammeh's Juice is particularly loathsome since the Gambian president requires his patients to stop taking antiretroviral drugs altogether.

Jammeh also claims other abilities as well. He says he can tell when a person is going to die just by looking into their eyes. Yeah, right. I suppose he gives them the herb mud and says to himself, "I see you are going to die because you are an idiot if you believe this crap works."

His "cure" has angered many health officials who say the president's claims will bring false hope to the nation's HIV/AIDS patients. Fadzai Gwaradzimba, the U.N. envoy to Gambia was kicked out of the country after saying on February 9 that patients should continue their normal treatment and that Jammeh's concoction be "assessed by an international team of experts." Here is the UN pdf statement on the matter.

With any luck, this idiot will hopefully kill off most of the population in Gambia. This will be a kindness to the future hundreds of millions of unborn children who now will not suffer from hunger and disease. God moves in mysterious ways.

Immuno-Modulator DrugThere are other "cures" for AIDS, Iran for example just recently announced its herbal cure:

Health Minister Kamran announced that Iran’s young scientists have produced a herbal remedy that boosts the human body's immunity system against the HIV/AIDS virus.

"The herbal-made medication, we call it Imod, serves to rein the AIDS virus and redouble the body’s immunity. It is not a medication to completely kill the virus, it can be used besides other anti-retroviral drugs. The drug is that effective and safe with no proved side effects,” he noted.
The drug, made after five years of deep and arduous research, has been tested on 200 patients, and as the fifth generation of medications, is good to control the HIV/AIDS virus.

APA, Iran discovered herbal cure for AIDS

Kamran Baqeri Lankarani, Health Minister of Iran, said the medicine is produced using nano technology. What silly nonsense, as if the Iranians know what nanotechnology actually is! I posted an article last year on the sham that all of Iranian Science really is.


First, there was the South African minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang which told South Africans that to cure aids, they should eat garlic and beet roots then there was Jacob Zuma who raped had sex with a rape victim without using protection and argued that he took a shower afterwards so he wouldn't get the HIV virus. I found all of this disturbing because it shows that Aids is still only about sex in Africa and since sex is about power and masculinity, it is easy for it to be used as a way to deny that it is a disease, which requires medical treatment, or to reinforce stereotypes about masculinity, power, and sexuality.

Globalclashes, Being a dictator and charlatan

It's hard to make a name for yourself as a tyrant in Africa; the standards are pretty high. Jean Bédel Bokassa of the Central African Republic, believing himself to be the thirteenth apostle, had himself crowned emperor and is said to have enjoyed the occasional meal of human flesh. In Congo, the kleptocrat Mobutu Sese Seko built an airstrip for his chartered Concorde jets in the middle of the rain forest. Now, the president of the West African state of Gambia is doing his best to add his name to the list.

Jammeh's treatment involves the Koran, some herbs, and the administration of a banana. Medical professionals are skeptical.Click on image for more photos

Yahya Jammeh, 41 years old, has been the president of bitterly poor Gambia since seizing power in a putsch in 1994. In the three so-called elections since then, he has not relinquished his seat. Among his achievements to date have been giving Gambia's 1.6 million citizens an impressive triumphal arch -- just like Napoleon gave the French -- as well as founding Gambia's first and only university.

Now he has gone a step further. A few weeks ago, Jammeh summoned his followers and a few ambassadors, dignitaries and TV reporters to announce in a garbled address that, having made some fantastic discoveries, he is now capable of curing AIDS (as well as asthma). The president admitted to his astonished audience that the therapies still had a few limitations -- he could only cure AIDS on Thursdays. Asthma, on the other hand, could be treated only on Fridays and Saturdays.

Spiegel Online,
African Despot 'Cures' AIDS

The Gambia is a small West African nation that's probably most famous for James Island (a major slave trade site) and nearby Juffureh, home of Kunta Kinte and the Roots of Alex Haley's family. This area was long a source of slaves.

A New "Cure" for HIV

map of the Gambia

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