Two Kinds of Jews

nazi officers shearing Jew's hair
Officers with Jew
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I enjoyed talking with Layla from [now defunct site] - I apologize to many of my readers, we couldn't get to all your phone calls - we'll do better next time.

One of the topics covered was why so many Jews are complacent about the Islamic threat facing America. I explained that Jews were so traumatized by the brutality of WWII that they are afraid of participating in what might be viewed as racism. If Muslims started hanging Jews by their thumbs in American streets, most American Jews would blame themselves for causing the Muslims to act this way.

I would like now to cover this a bit more than in the radio program.

Before WWII there was one kind of Jew, pictured here sheep-like letting his side-locks get shorn. In very few instances there were slight exceptions as when Jews revolted in the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but even there they had to fight not only Nazis but had to worry about Jewish collaborators who would rather submit and live as slaves than die. Except for such minor exceptions, in the millions, Jews skipped merrily into the gas chambers not wanting to believe the worst.

It is happening again.

After the establishment of Israel there emerged the other Jew, the one that won't take crap from anyone and doesn't mind making waves. So in America today we have two kinds of Jews:

  1. the liberal Jew (80% of Jews in America) who, in over-reaction to the genocide of WWII, finds any criticism of another race or religion so appalling that he refuses to see the coming holocaust that will come from Islam. This type of Jew is as much a threat to the security of our country as Islamic terrorists. This is the Jew who supports Hillary Clinton, who sends money to the ACLU, who even donates money to the local mosque in the hope that when the final solution comes again his life will be spared. This is the collaborator Jew who earned a little extra bread during the Nazi regime by informing on his brethren. This is the Jew who survived the concentration camps not because of luck, stamina, or skill but because of betrayal and cowardice.

    Do you know the worst thing that a Jew can be? The answer is not a murderer or rapist, it is the informer. A murderer or rapist can inflict his terror on only a few, but the informer can bring down an entire community and in the present century, an entire nation.

  2. The non-liberal Jew (20% of American Jews) who recognizes the threat of Islam to Western Civilization and does not equate Islamophobia with antisemitism. This is the Jew who, when the time comes, will finally dispense justice to the liberal Jew.

That's it. Nothing more to say. It's a very simple concept and you Jews know which category you belong to.

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