Al Sharpton is a Nappy Headed Ho

Imus was wrong for his racist rant, but who gave him the ridiculous advice of kneeling at the alter of Al Sharpton for forgiveness? Al Sharpton, as we all remember, is still unrepentant for his role in inflaming black-white tensions in the Tawana Brawley hoax nor has he ever apologized to the falsely accused Pagones.

Sharpton is the last person on earth that should be doling out forgiveness for racist remarks.

The leftists will now use this incident to try to silence conservative talk shows. Soon no one will be able to say anything against the Islamic threat facing this country for fear of being called bigoted and fired. The girls didn't deserve to be called names, they did nothing wrong. On the other hand I found nothing wrong when on March 31, 2006 Neal Boortz during his nationally syndicated radio program said that Rep. Cynthia McKinney (Dem-GA) "looks like a ghetto slut." You know why that isn't racist? Because she in fact not only looks like a ghetto slut, she is one. Just because you got elected by a bunch of idiots doesn't mean you automatically become a decent human being. Cynthia McKinney is a racist, anti-Semitic imbecile. Calling her a ghetto slut was a compliment.

If the media in this country cannot speak the truth when it hurts, we are doomed to be overrun by barbarians we cannot name, identify or warn against.

Imus should have been handled by the networks, not by racists like Sharpton. If Sharpton were really insulted by Imus' remarks, if he were truly offended by this insult to black women, then how is it he has done nothing to stop record music that denigrates black hos, encourages rape of black bitches, inspires suicide, incites murder, promotes drug use, despises the work ethic, and vilifies blacks who act white or civilized?

Imus cannot hurt blacks and has not hurt any blacks. He's an old fart who said mean and nasty things but of little consequence. Sharpton on the other hand has done more to hold blacks back than almost any other man in American history. Imus was merely mistaken in whom to attribute his epithet of "nappy-headed hos".

If I were a praying man, I would pray that black people wake up to the fact that this is not 1950 and the enemy is not white people but greedy, self-aggrandizing, publicity-grabbing, money-laundering, drug-dealing, race-baiting, self-loathing black demagogues like Al Sharpton. With all due respect.

By the way, there are more anti-Semitic bigots in the photo above than in all conservative radio talk shows.


Basil's Blog,
Where Don Imus Went Wrong

So, where did he go wrong?

He apologized to Al Sharpton. He allowed Jesse Jackson and others like him to get some press.

The mistake Don Imus made was in not being Don Imus.

He needs to stop apologizing and kowtowing to the Sharpton-Jackson crowd.

Smooth Stone,
Sharpton is a racist and a Jew basher

But the Brawley hoax was merely one of the early chapters in Sharpton’s long career as a peddler of racial grievance. Consider his response to the 1989 case of a white female jogger who was raped and beaten nearly to death in New York’s Central Park by a gang of at least 30 black and Hispanic teenagers who later acknowledged that they had specifically set out to target a white woman. Fracturing her skull with a lead pipe and mutilating her face with a brick, the assailants left the woman for dead. She lost three quarters of her blood in the attack and was so badly mangled that even her boyfriend was able to recognize her only by a familiar ring on her finger. When investigators later asked one of the attackers why he had tried to smash the victim skull, he candidly replied, "It was fun.” A multiracial jury convicted several of the defendants on the basis of their own confessions. But Sharpton, who served as an adviser to the boys’ families, said the defendants had been framed by a racist justice system.

nappy headed ho

Will The Real 'Nappy Headed Ho' Please Stand Up

Crystal Gail Mangum is the lying black stripper who attempted to ruin the lives of three Duke University students by falsely accusing the three of rape. Her despicable lies and behavior have done far more damage to the black community than Don Imus could hope to accomplish in a year of "nappy-headed ho's" remarks.

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