Jewish Organ Harvesters in Valley of the Wolves

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Last year the most virulently anti-Jewish, anti-American film was made by our supposed ally Turkey. At first one might imagine this film is payback for the grim portrayal of Turkish prisons in Midnight Express. Actually we need only go back to the start of the Iraq war.

In April 2003, the U.S. Army's 173rd Airborne Brigade caught a dozen Turkish soldiers, dressed in civilian clothes and trailing an aid convoy. U.S. forces suspected that the Turkish team was sent in to inflame local ethnic Turks, who already have tense relations with the city's Kurds and Arabs. The American troops then escorted the Turkish commandos back over the border.

A few months later on July 4, 2003, in Sulaymaniyah, northern Iraq, around a hundred soldiers from the same brigade raided and ransacked a Turkish special forces office, threw hoods over the heads of 11 Turkish special forces officers, and held them in custody for more than two days.

The Americans said they had been looking for Iraqi insurgents and unwittingly rounded up the Turks because they were not in uniform. It was learned later that these Turks were planning to assassinate the Kurdish governor of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

The incident damaged Turkish-U.S. relations and injured Turkish national pride. Turkey has an army greater than those of France and Britain combined, with more than half a million men under arms and 400,000 in reserve. Turks worship their soldiers and enthusiastically send their sons off for mandatory military service when they reach 20 years of age.

"Valley of the Wolves Iraq", a ten million dollar epic, the most expensive in Turkish film-making, begins with this last humiliation so that they could start the film off with "Based on a true story". Although no Turks were killed in real life, in the movie, one of the Turkish special forces officers commits suicide to save his "honor". Polat Alemdar, an elite Turkish intelligence officer, reads the suicide note and embarks on a revenge mission to Kurdish Iraq with a handful of men.

Alemdar, by the way, is the same character who stars in the TV series of the same name that has played to record-breaking audiences for three years. As a side note, Turkish films are now finding success if they use the same stars that the audience knows from television.

The Turks encounter a rogue group of American soldiers led by Special Forces officer Sam William Marshall played by Billy Zane who describes himself as a "peacekeeper of God". Zane and his men spread machine-gun fire over civilians at an Iraqi wedding. The survivors are brought to the notorious Abu Ghraib prison where Gary Busey, playing a Jewish-American doctor, pulls out organs to be sold to rich patrons in London, New York, and Tel Aviv. In the last scene, U.S. forces begin their assault on a village by blowing up their mosque's minaret.

Sadly, most Muslims who are terribly gullible to begin with, will take this film to be entirely true: "There's nothing exaggerated in there. It wasn't this film company that made these things happen," said Mehmet Canpolat, partner in production company Pana Film. "We put in a lot of things that came out of news reports. This is the stuff you see if you open up a newspaper in Turkey."

Predictably, American Muslims last July had no qualms scheduling the film for their Muslim Fest despite the film being anti-Semitic and Anti-American. Read this crap [the woman stopped blogging and removed her posts - but the link is a cached copy of her article] from an African-American Muslim woman from Louisiana. This only proves what I wrote in a previous post that Black Muslims [are] a greater threat than al-Qaeda.

Although leftists see the film as a proof that we are losing the war on terror at least they see the American actors in the film as low-life scum, which of course they are.

Huffington Post,
Karen Hughes' Program Isn't Working Too Well

Note to Gary Busey and Billy Zane: I assume you two are as against this senseless war, as I am, but what the hell were you thinking? Mr. Busey, your role as a Jewish vivisecting vampire is inexcusable. I don't care how much you scrambled your brains after that motorcycle accident, you're a pig, fanning the flames of ignorance that endanger all of us Westerners daily. And Mr. Zane, you were already perhaps the worst actor of your generation, now I have even less respect for you. Our soldiers already have it hard enough thanks to incompetent leadership, inadequate equipment. Your vile portrayal of them only makes them more of a target.

valley of the wolvesEven though leftists in Academia hate America, they have backed off presenting this film:

Tammy Bruce,
Speaking of Movies...

It seems that the rabid anti-Americanism and antisemitism was a bit much, in spite of the glorious anti-war message and multicultural attributes. Stanford has regretfully "postponed" the screening.

We note that Stanford had to use the word "regretfully".

My readers should know that Valley of the Wolves has set boffo box-office records in Turkey and in Muslim communities throughout Europe. The film is available in Arabic, English, Turkish and Kurdish.

The film's website should give you some of the flavor of the film.

Forums discussing the film have generated a lot of animosity from both sides, see imdb board threads (you have to be registered to see the comments).

And this is no isolated instance of a perverted view of America's ambitions for the world:

Villagers with Torches,
A new wave of anti-American pop culture.

Naysayers and diplomats can say that Valley of the Wolves: Iraq is just one film, but it's also part of a larger pop-culture trend that has taken root ever since the United States invaded Iraq in 2003, a hugely unpopular war in Turkey, which borders Iraq. All last year Turkish bookstores were hard-pressed to keep the best-selling novel Metal Storm on shelves. The novel, written like one of Tom Clancy's international potboilers, depicts a U.S. invasion of Turkey in March 2007. Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld are characters, although the U.S. president is a nameless, nap-loving warmonger who defers most of his decision-making to fellow members of Skull and Bones. In the book, whose title is America's name for its invasion, the U.S. military swiftly bombs then overtakes Ankara and Istanbul (the U.S. president, who is also deeply evangelical, aims to restore Istanbul to its Christian Byzantine glory). It's like a nightmare version of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

I have read arguments that Hollywood routinely depicts Muslims as terrorists and barbaric, inhuman, evil, vile, despicable, ugly, woman-hating, world-dominating thugs. OK, so what is the point? How is that in any way not true? If anything, Hollywood is too kind to Muslims.

Here's a video of the way we view Muslims. Not one is a lie and certainly we never show Muslims harvesting organs to be sold in Israel.

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